SJW Propaganda: A Star Wars Story

If Disney cared just a little more about proper storytelling, Star Wars could have had a legitimate, interesting, and acceptable cinematic universe.

Instead, we got a poor remake of a trilogy we’ve already seen, some movie about Han Solo, and we are going to get some movie about Boba Fett, some movie about Jabba the Hutt, some movie about Lando Calrissian, and basically an annual serving of who-gives-a-shit. Oh, and all of this has been infused with Social Justice Warrior crap, because getting messages 99% of people already agree with shoved down our throats NEVER gets old.

I don’t care for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I’m far more inclined to go see those movies because at least they’re not complete shit like the Disney Star Wars movies. Star Wars has just as much potential to be an expanded universe as the Marvel movies. Like I explained in my previous article, in order to have a legitimate cinematic universe, you have to be able to diversify and to appeal to all ages. In essence, an expanded universe needs to have potential to keep things fresh for everyone and bring in new audiences.

Star Wars has gangsters, gamblers, splicers, bounty hunters, zombies, futuristic technology, superweapons, history spanning thousands of years, countless alien species, planets with every type of environment imaginable, and last but certainly not least, the Force. There’s almost too much potential for an expanded universe.

So, how can you screw this up? Like Mr. Plinkett once said, it’s like screwing up mashed potatoes. You can only screw this up if you’re a complete moron. I’m not saying Kathleen Kennedy is a moron, but ……… she’s a complete moron.

Due to the circumstance Star Wars fans have been forced into (no pun intended), I think it’s time we start writing our own Star Wars fan fiction. I’m going to encourage the fan base to do that. I’ll have to discourage everyone from selling their fan fictions, because we all know the Empire will sue anyone who does that. Let’s just write ‘em, and simply read each other’s.

Just because Disney throws millions of dollars at something, that doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We can keep Star Wars alive, by watching the original trilogy, reading the “Legends” books (which, to me, is canon), and by writing our own stories.

I’m going to start writing my own fan fictions on this blog, starting with some Star Wars.


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