Feminism Is Anti-Women, Too

In my post about male feminists, I mildly touched on what’s wrong with feminism in general, but I didn’t elaborate nearly as much as I could have, or wanted to. So, I will take this time to do exactly that.

It’s about damn time that the far-left understood why most people are pro-women yet anti-feminist. I’m going to give a list of things that essentially prove how men are the ones who get the shorter end of the stick in society. At the end of the list, I will state why this list is the most important part of why most people are anti-feminist.

  • ~90% of homeless people are men.
  • Only men are eligible to be conscripted into the military.
  • Men are murdered more.
  • Men commit suicide more.
  • Women win the majority of child custody cases regardless of the father’s stature.
  • Male-on-male rape and female-on-male rape is widely ignored by society and the justice system.
  • Only men are pressured to be bread-winners.
  • Only men are pressured to initiate relationships (and to be the one who proposes for marriage).
  • Only men are pressured to be the protector in relationships.

Why is this list important? Because it’s a list of things that feminists will never rally in the streets to protest. You will never hear feminists complain about how they can’t be drafted into the military, or how they are underrepresented in homeless populations. You will certainly never hear a feminist complain about men paying for the food on dates.

Feminism is more than just fighting for the ‘rights’ of a single group (that was never oppressed to begin with). It also blatantly, even proudly, ignores the struggles of other groups, especially those of their counterparts: men.

Emma Watson claims to be for equality, but you’ll never see her opposing the things I just listed. She founded HeForShe (or is just a member of it, I’m not sure), but if she really cared about equality, then the organization would instead be called HeAndShe. For all of Emma Watson’s cries about inequality against women, which doesn’t exist, she’s either too foolish, or expects everyone else to be too foolish, to understand that she clearly only cares about propping women up, not men and women equally.

Feminism is about female supremacy. Admit it, feminists. It is not a liberal movement, it is purely leftist.

Take into consideration the fact that Western nations were founded on liberal principles. Freedom of speech, press, religion, and the idea that all people are created equally. Women have always been treated well in the West. We’ve had female leaders, such as Elizabeth I and her predecessor Mary, or Elizabeth II, the current queen of England and longest-ruling monarch in all history. The last true hurdle that women had to overcome was voting, and in America, they’ve had that right for just shy of 100 years now. Women already have equal rights. Women don’t need ‘feminism’ because there is not a single right men have that they don’t. Disagree with me? I challenge you to name one; just one.

Women are exceeding men in academics now, too. For real, people, feminism has long outlived its purpose. We never truly needed it in the first place, in the West. You really want to be a feminist with a purpose? Go to the Middle East. Oh, wait, you’ll never do that because deep down you know life is multitudes better for you in the West than the Middle East. If feminists really cared about women’s rights, they’d fight for the rights of women where it’s truly needed.

Which brings me to my final point: Feminists don’t really care about women. Feminism is actually bad for women.

Believe it or not, I personally think women are better people than men. (That does not mean I think women are perfect. Far from it, actually. Women are just as human as men.) Generally speaking, women are more nurturing, more family-oriented, more willing to tend to the needs of others, and just overall gentler than men are. Again, I’m speaking generally. I think those traits are FAR more respectable and admirable than how nature built men to be. Nature built men to be stronger, to be domineering. This was so that men could hunt and gather food, protect their people from attacks from wild animals or other tribes, and provide warmth when it was cold. Nature built women to be how I described so that they can give birth, raise offspring, care for the tribe while men were out gathering food/supplies, etc. Women are particularly vulnerable when they’re pregnant, which is why men were built to be stronger (to protect). Children are also vulnerable.

So, please, for the love of God, feminists please explain to me why you ultimately want women to have masculine traits? More authority, more money, more physical power… Why? There’s nothing admirable about wanting more power, in any way. I like women more as people BECAUSE they’re naturally more inclined to be nurturing instead of domineering. Being gentle is not weakness, it’s actually the greatest kind of strength. Women are more inclined to tend to injuries, which is both strong and wise, rather than what men are inclined to do, which is to ignore injuries altogether. Women are more inclined to help the sick and weak, which is also strong and wise, and society has always benefited from this attitude.

Women should want to keep men’s worst impulses in check, not replace men altogether.

Logically, I also just plain don’t understand how the prime directive of feminism is to make women … more like men?

My idea of a strong female character is not one who can beat up everyone in the room, but one who embraces her feminine inclinations. One who wants all people to be well, including her enemies, instead of being like men who, generally speaking, would rather destroy their enemies. My idea of a strong female character is one who sees the humanity in her enemies and changes their heart. To me, that’s a more respectable way to defeat your enemies: putting an end to their hostility, instead of putting an end to their life.

If you really, really need your female characters to be physically strong, then make them skilled in defending themselves and their loved ones, rather than making them skilled at destruction and death, which, again, is a fucking masculine inclination.

When you see a damsel in distress, instead of getting angry that she can’t beat up the guy chasing her or taking her hostage, be thankful instead that she’s nothing like that villain. Better to be overpowered than to be the monster. Power, whether it’s authority or physical strength, always makes people more inclined to use that power and gain even more power. So, trust me, it’s better to be gentle than aggressive.

Men and women should keep each other balanced. Men and women ought to be strong where the other is weak. Work as a team. This is true in society as a whole, and in personal relationships. It’s okay that men want to be loved, and it’s okay that women want a strong man to protect them. It does nobody any damn good to declare war upon the other side, and I feel like the mere existence of feminism, especially in this day and age, is exactly that.


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