Stop Calling Them “Liberals”!

This will be a message to both Progressives and Conservatives, because neither seems to understand what the word ‘liberal’ even means, except Ben Shapiro, it seems. I was already intending to write this article at some point, but after a newcomer to my blog suggested something, I chose to write this now. This person said, “I’d recommend leaving the label ‘liberal’ behind, or adding the qualifier of ‘classical.'”

Basically, allow far-left Progressive lunatics to claim the word.

No. Fuck no. They can have the Left, but they can’t have the word ‘liberal,’ and I will gladly explain my reasoning.

Think about the following words:


Notice a pattern here? Basically, whichever letters you put after the prefix ‘lib,’ in essence they all mean the same thing. Freedom, peace, and fairness for all. However you want to specifically define the prefix ‘lib,’ at the end of the day, we all know what it means.

Now, when the Left suppresses, or calls for the suppression, of men, whites, the rich, conservatives, or anyone who disagrees with them including one of their own, how is that advocating for freedom, peace, and fairness? Sure, they say it’s all in the name of those things, but either they’re too stupid to understand that fairness applies to people they don’t like, or they don’t care. Clearly, it’s because they don’t care.

You are not a supporter of peace when you destroy property to silence a conservative speaker on your college campus. All the conservative was going to do was say things. Words. Harmless words. Even if that conservative was outright saying to steal, kill, be greedy, etc., it’s still just words. So, no matter what anybody says, if you try to control what people say, and especially if you attempt to control what people say through violence, intimidation and mob rule, then you do not believe in peace. You are tribal toward select groups of people you like above others. That’s not fair, that’s not peaceful, and that is not allowing people to be free.

“Left-wing” politics do not have a monopoly on all that is good.  At some point in history, both the Left and the Right have believed they are the absolute arbiters of righteousness. With the Right, namely the religious Right, they said they are believers in God and therefore have insight into the mind of God and therefore cannot be wrong. Now, with the Left, they are basically saying the same thing. They think acting on feelings alone can solve anything. The logic there is: “I care a lot, and that makes me right, and if you don’t act like you care as much as I do, then you are evil.”

It’s “think what I think, and if you don’t, it’s because you’re evil.” Which is horseshit. The far-Left and the far-Right are exactly the same in this regard, they just derive their beliefs from different sources. One is from feelings alone, and the other is from archaic doctrine.

Communism is left-wing. It’s derived from the belief that everyone ought to have equal outcomes with their work and their lives. Nobody is allowed to be different. That in itself is evil. Not to mention, because human nature is what it is, when you strive for communism, you never get past the first phase, which is authoritarian uprising and manipulation, and nobody who achieves ultimate power is ever willing to give it up.

Joseph Stalin killed far more people than Hitler, and Stalin was a member of the far-left.

Therefore, saying communism and liberalism are the same is idiotic. Therefore, as I already said, the Progressives stole the Left and they can have it for now, but they cannot have the word ‘liberalism’ because that word does not even remotely agree with their beliefs. Liberalism is inherently center-left (which is nothing more than a technicality) and it is not physically possible for it to be far-left. So, for the last time, Progressive lunatics can have the Left, but they cannot have Liberalism.

Not to mention, most of the Left is full of lunatics anyway, no matter what time period you’re talking about, whether in the past or right now. Think about all the groups in the Left:

Feminists, Black supremacists, female supremacists, hippies, socialists, communists, globalists…. None of those groups are liberal, by definition, with the possible exception of hippies and maaaaaybe globalists. In fact, liberals despise so many of the other groups on the Left that I am actually surprised so many of us had a hard time abandoning the Left altogether. By definition, liberals shouldn’t pick sides in the first place. So, fuck the Left for all we should care. Our loyalty should be to principles alone, even if that means speaking against the Left.

Liberals believe in civility and discussion, not violence and oppression. Liberals believe in individual freedom, not collective ambition. Liberals believe that a society that censors speech, even if it’s only against those we don’t like, is not a free society.

You cannot be a liberal if you only fight for the rights of some, or if you want people to be forced to surrender their freedoms or possessions or safety.

So, I’d greatly appreciate if the rest of the Left stopped calling themselves liberals. Learn what the word means. Just because you don’t like or agree with the Right, that doesn’t make you a liberal. The word is not synonymous with “the entire Left-wing.”

“Left” and “Right” are sides on a spectrum. They encompass a large variety of groups. Liberals are only one group out of many on the Left. Just like how there is nothing ‘conservative’ about being a white supremacist, there is nothing liberal about man-hating.

I want the Right to understand this, too. Stop calling Antifa a bunch of liberals. Stop calling Social Justice Warriors liberals. You, too, need to learn what the word means.

Also, fuck the terms ‘traditional liberal’ or the commonplace ‘classical liberal.’ Your political stance is either liberal or it’s not. Plain and simple. You either want freedom and fairness for all, or you don’t.

Maybe I should write a book explaining this. It’s so simple, yet nobody fucking gets it.


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