The Future of the Series After “Relics”

Relics is nearly finished. This has brought me to think about the future of the series, since there will still be 4 books left, but Relics was my personal favorite.

I won’t quit writing the story – I love it too much to do that – but I’ve decided I will take a lengthy break. When I return to the series, all 4 that remain will be released back-to-back. How does that work?

Well, I’ll be working on the remaining volumes, but not as individual projects. They will be released the same way (sort of) that they are written: as one. This is not the sole reason it will be a long time before you see any new ones. The reason for that is, well, I just want to take a break from the series.

These books are packed with emotion. As one reader of the series put it, these books put people “on a roller coaster.” The same is true for me, the author. To write these parts effectively, I have to feel everything the characters feel. I’m sure it’s great for readers, but to birth these books, it drains a lot of emotional energy.

Another reason I want to take a break, and work on these books at a slow, relaxing pace, is because I want to focus on my other stories. And there are A LOT of other stories I have in mind, ranging from sci-fi to fantasy to even more regular fiction. I almost feel like I’m obligated to take a break from the Remnant Saga, because if I write all of them and nothing else for years and years, I’ll be too drained by the end of the 7th book to do all the other stories.

I’ve counted how many individual books I have in mind apart from the remaining Remnant books. It’s over 20. Books take a long time to write and polish. About a year on average. That’s a minimum of 20 years of other books I need to get done. They’re all going to take until I’m at least 50 years old. If I burned through the 7 Remnant books without a break, I’d be 50 by the time I even feel like writing another book. Not good.

So, for now, enjoy the first 3 Remnant volumes. Think of them as a trilogy. That’s how I think of them, to be honest. Relics is the turning point of the series. It’s when the plot threads that began in Vol. 1 are completed and get wrapped in a ‘nice’ bow, and it’s when everything drastically changes for the characters.


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