Male Feminists

As someone who is still liberal, but has recently abandoned the Left and is waiting for the Left to collapse from the weight of its own stupidity, I wanted to start a series of articles of things about the Left that have always amused me and/or concerned me. First amusing item on the list is the most pathetic group of the Left by far: the male feminists.

These ‘men’ are not just pathetic, they also tend to be dangerous. Not always dangerous, but plenty often enough.

First of all, feminism itself has always, in my mind, been stupid and unnecessary. In recent years, it’s become more so, but the sheer concept of it should be offensive to everyone with a brain and a shred of decency. By definition, feminism is only concerned with one group of people. And hilariously, feminists only exist in societies where women have the most rights, like America, Europe, and the rest of the West.

Men need people to stand up for them sometimes, too. Same with children. Same with poor people. Same with ethnic minorities. Same with hundreds of other groups I could list. It’s also important to note that most, if not all, demographics mix with others. You can be part of the black community AND be poor AND be a child AND be female. So, why the hell does anybody spend their free time focusing on just one group? Not to mention, a group that, specifically in the West, has never really been oppressed to begin with.

Be a humanist, not a feminist. Fight for the rights of all people, everywhere. That’s what liberalism is about. So, this is why I don’t consider feminism to be liberal. It’s a tribal approach to human rights. If you truly care about the rights of people, you won’t focus on just one group. Also, these days, feminism is just another way of saying ‘female supremacist.’

By the way, the word ‘humanism’ and ‘humanist’ have been around longer than ‘feminism’ and ‘feminist.’ The word ‘humanist’ first emerged between 1805 and 1815, while ‘feminist’ emerged between 1840 and 1845. What I’m getting at is that the word ‘feminist’ should never have been invented in the first place. We already had a word that covered women under its insurance plan, too.

Most women these days don’t even consider themselves to be feminists. There are two simple reasons for this: 1, It has outlived whatever cause it served. In the West, women have every single right that men have, and the wage gap is a stupid myth that’s easy to debunk with sheer logic. 2, Because it has outlived its original purpose, the only women left who call themselves feminists are whiny morons.

Time for our feature presentation!

Now, given everything I have said so far…. Why, the, actual, fuck, would any man call themselves a feminist? Or, at the very least, if they don’t outright call themselves a feminist, why would they carry the spirit of one?

Agreeing with women on everything, siding with them on everything, marching with them in their pointless rallies….

Womens March Meme

Echoing the stupid sentiment of #BelieveWomen, which is a euphemism for, “Fuck due process! If a man is accused of rape, he should be treated as guilty; no investigation needed.”

Why do any men do this? Well, it’s simple. They’re either stupid, or desperate. Most of the time, it’s the latter. Or both. But, most of the time, they’re desperate.

When you can’t get laid by simply being attractive, you have to trick your way into a girl’s pants. I honestly don’t think I have ever once seen a male feminist who is intelligent, butch, or assertive. It’s always the men who are shy, almost completely lack confidence, work a pathetic job, or are so scrawny they couldn’t protect a girl from a small cat. Any or all of those traits. Oh, and they also wear tight pants (which literally damages their manhood).

I honestly don’t judge any guy who has those traits. I only have a problem with that when they do shit like, well, becoming a male feminist. There are a variety of ways to naturally be attractive. You don’t have to be butch, have a bellowing voice, or make millions. There are other ways, if you need. But, if you become a male feminist to woo a girl, and it works, then dude, she isn’t smart enough to be worth your time anyway. Unless all you’re concerned about is getting laid, in which case, go fuck yourself.

A smart girl will be seriously turned off if you consider yourself a feminist, especially considering since most woman abstain from having that label. If I were a girl, and for some reason considered myself a feminist, and you told me you are also a feminist, I’d reject you immediately just for being so pathetic. It screams desperation.

Fact is, most people agree that men and women should have equal rights. You don’t have to stoop so low just to make that known. At this point in history, it should just be assumed by everyone that everyone advocates for women’s rights. If you went around (in Western nations) saying that you don’t believe women should have rights, most people would want to spit on you.

So, really. You’re not any more special than the next guy if you call yourself a feminist. Not only is it pathetic to be a man and call yourself a feminist, it’s also a waste of time. Like I keep saying, it screams desperation.

And, you really don’t even have to put the label on yourself. My point has almost nothing to do with the label itself. It’s the attitude I’m talking about. Going around and agreeing with anything a woman says, saying anything she wants to hear whenever she wants to hear it, and spewing nonsense that makes her go, “Awwww, how sweet!” That’s the shit I’m talking about. That desperate behavior. And dude, they notice your desperation, whether they consciously realize it or not.

This last part is mostly for any girls who might be reading this post. Male feminists are most likely creeps, anyway. Think about it. There’s no good reason for anybody on planet Earth to call themselves a feminist, especially men. So, if you meet a guy who calls himself one, or acts like one, keep a very watchful eye on him. As case after case shows, most male feminists are just doing whatever it takes to surround themselves with women and ultimately achieve some kind of sexual gratification from them.

Girls, I recommend watching this video. The guy kinda messed up making it, but he gets the point across just fine.


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