Time to #WalkAway

This will be a long letter saying farewell. I don’t expect anyone to read all of this…

A true sign of love is when you are given countless reasons, on a regular basis, to abandon someone/something, and you remain for years in the hope that it will get better. This is not inherently foolish, since sometimes things do need time to improve. Society would not be where it is now if all mishaps led people to completely abandon what they are devoted to, whether that is projects or goals or relationships. It is good to fight as hard as you can. Nobody can predict the future. Struggling is healthy in most cases.

However, in a fraction of situations when we choose to fight hard, and above all, to remain loyal, we come to realize we are merely swimming against a relentless current. Sometimes, you cannot win.

I’d hate to bring up a certain someone yet again, but this example is too crucial to leave out.

Remember in my article The Kavanaugh Witch Hunt when I mentioned an old friend named Tyler who I had a falling out with? I think it’s a good time to elaborate on that story.

In 2016, Tyler posted this picture:

kesha thing

My response to him was rather incoherent, but nonetheless genuine. Worst of all, though, my response was nuanced. I told Tyler that most men are not monsters, that most men respect women and don’t condone this, and that if either sex has the short end of the stick in society, it’s men, and I listed examples of how that is so. I also said that there’s a chance Kesha was lying. All Tyler could really say is that he’s offended… And then his girlfriend said she’s offended, and about 20 of their friends either added their own comments or liked each other’s comments.

I used to hang out with Tyler every so often. At the time, I was actually going to his house every week to play D&D. Of course, I was immediately no longer invited, because I had the wrong opinions.

Tyler and I didn’t speak to each other for a year. Sometime in 2017, I reached out to him in an attempt to be friends again. He was willing to meet with me and talk to me, but showed 0 interest in actually being friends again. Even if he was willing, he made it abundantly clear that his other friends don’t want me around. He even said that one of them (implying all of them) never liked me in the first place.

Did I murder someone? Did I beat someone up? Did I rape someone? Did I steal from someone? Did I destroy someone’s property? Am I a pathological liar? Do I have a short temper? Did I refuse to help someone in desperate need? The answer to all those questions is no. But, to Tyler and the friends he chooses to keep close, it doesn’t matter. I committed the cardinal sin of saying this one part of Church of the Left doctrine isn’t entirely accurate, and I have been excommunicated without trial.

It was when Tyler had our falling out, and especially after I met with him that one day a year later, when I realized there is no room left in the Left for me. And yet…. I remained loyal anyway. I stayed at their door, waiting for it to open…

And I am now, finally, deciding it’s time to give up.

Don’t think Tyler is my only experience with the psychotic far-left. I’ve had precarious conversations and encounters with other former friends, multiple trans people, and even relatives who, in their own kind of way, insisted that far-left doctrine is the only truth.

So, why spend so much of this article talking about Tyler? For this one simple reason: Tyler used to express gratitude to me, and to others, about my character. On multiple occasions, Tyler said that loyalty is most defining quality. He even joked about it once, comparing me to Caboose from Red vs. Blue. I asked him, “I’m like Caboose? Why am I the idiot?” And he said, “You’re not stupid. You’re Caboose because you’re undyingly loyal.” The word he literally used to descriptive it was ‘undying.’

And yet, one time I disagreed with the Church of the Left, and that was somehow enough to derail nearly 10 years of friendship. ONE minor, forgettable incident.

Tyler knew damn well I’m not a bad person. He knew damn well I meant no harm in disagreeing with him about the Kesha trial. He knew damn well he could trust me to keep my word, to never willingly wrong him, and to remain a loyal friend until one of us died.

Even if Tyler did not become this irrational after 10 years, he still chose to surround himself with people who are. His girlfriend, his college friends, his other far-left friends from high school…

That is why, despite my other encounters with the far-left, the most impactful one will always be Tyler. He knew better, and still fell from grace anyway. Yes, I am loyal. My loyalty to friends, to my wife, to the people I call family, to my principles, and to my child, really is my most defining characteristic. I fight damn hard for what I believe and what I love. But, I had to let Tyler reject me. Now, I’m allowing myself to give up and walk away from the Left entirely.

Half my blog has been my thoughts about the far-left and how it has hijacked and seized control over the Left itself. I, like many other liberals, have been fighting against this cancer for years, but I’ve seen in real time how many liberals are abandoning ship because they saw it as a hopeless situation.

It seemed to start with Anita Sarkeesian, who actually preached to people regularly that literally everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic, and these things must be fought. Anita actually went to the United Nations and urged them to censor everyone on the internet who says even slightly mean things to women on the internet.

Then, Emma Watson joined, then all of the media and Hollywood joined, and now the Democratic Party itself is getting on board. Just the other day, Hillary Clinton, who is already hated by everyone except the far-left, told the Democratic base that they cannot be civil anymore.

Black Lives Matter started marches in the streets calling for the death of cops. Some entire towns, like Ferguson Missouri, were destroyed by riots. Whenever conservative speakers come to pretty much any college campus, the far-left shows up to start burning things, destroying private property, and assaulting everyone who speaks against them.

This shit is not exclusive to America. It’s happening in Canada, Australia, and all across Europe. The far-left is calling for socialism and communism, calling for completely open borders, forcing men to give up their money to their female coworkers, allowing migrants (regardless of background) to come flooding in to cities.

refugees jpg

If you think the far-left hasn’t become a serious threat to society at this point, you haven’t been paying attention.

I was already part of the Left. I already hated the people they hate. I tried to bring reason and logic to these people through my writing and in my personal life. Not only does nothing improve, but the Left has proven they are perfectly willing to attack one of their own if they are perceived even slightly as a threat.

There is no repairing this house. It’s already burning. The only real solution is to leave and let it finish burning down, so that we can come back and rebuild the Left from the ashes. However you think of it, the Left needs to be stopped.

What sent me over the edge? The Brett Kavanaugh witch trial, and this video where Tim Pool talks about mobs in my hometown. While watching this, I thought, What if someone actually started fighting back? What if people no longer allowed far-left lunatics to intimidate them and started to outright defend themselves? A fucking battle would ensue, that’s what. And guess what? Some of those battles have already taken place. I’m sure we all remember the woman that was killed when a man drove his car through one of these battles.

It’s not getting better. It’s getting worse. If it hasn’t directly impacted your life, you can count on that coming to you soon. The more the Left loses, the crazier they become. Now, they are telling their followers to NOT be civil. They are calling each other to harass people in public. Most of the media is fine with this, most colleges are fine with this…

No. I am a liberal. I take that word very fucking seriously. It’s virtually a sacred word to me. I get offended whenever people on the Right OR the Left misuse it. The shit the Left is doing is not liberal in the slightest. It’s authoritarian, it’s hostile, it’s uncivil. They are attempting to control society by mob rule. People are now having to put anti-Trump signs on the windows of their businesses, even if they don’t have any strong feelings about Trump one way or another, just to avoid getting their property damaged.

I can’t stay with the Left. I am walking away. I am still loyal to my principles and always will be. This behavior from the Left is unacceptable and I cannot remain.

Leftists, you’re on your own. I will no longer treat you like a caring relative trying to council you. You are now my enemy. I may not be right-wing at heart, but I’m in their camp now. The Right is at least tolerant enough to welcome liberals into their circles.

I’m still no fan of Fox News, rednecks, religion, or Donald Trump, but I’d rather side with all those people, because at the end of the day, the Left is far worse.

Liberals, it’s time for you to #WalkAway as well.


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