Thanos’ Plan Doesn’t Even Make Sense

I won’t be reviewing Infinity War here, I’m just going to explain how for a character as intelligent as Thanos, his plan is not just wrong, it’s actually pretty stupid.

Thanos says: “It’s a simple calculus. Our universe is finite, its resources finite. If life is left unchecked, life will cease to exist.”

Uhh…. All of those things are technically true, just not true when you put them together. Yes, it’s a simple calculus. Yes, everything is finite. Yes, life can ultimately destroy itself. But, life never destroys itself because of finite resources. That really makes no sense.

Have you ever started a garden? Worked on a farm? Did you notice that when a crop grows, nothing can ever grow in its place ever again? No, you didn’t notice that, because that’s not how crops work! Life, at least on Earth, is one giant ecosystem where everything benefits everything else. Animals, plants, fungi, bacteria …, they all work together to create, destroy, and change each other.

Take humans as one of millions of examples. Humans are animals, but we have microorganisms inside us that help our organs operate. We couldn’t survive without the other forms of life already inside us. And just as importantly, we couldn’t survive without outside life, namely plants and other animals, to eat.

When one plant dies, that doesn’t mean the total number of plants in the world goes down. Same with microorganisms. Same with humans. People have been dying since the dawn of mankind, and the population is still growing.

There’s a reason you can have the same garden for decades and decades. As long as you replenish the soil, and make sure you are preserving seeds, and weather conditions allow it, you can use the same garden virtually for eternity.

Overpopulation is a problem currently, but not like this. Overpopulation could be a problem on other planets, even in the fictional MCU, but if there are too many people, here is the result: Those who can’t feed themselves die…. Not everybody.

How could Thanos’ planet face extinction because there wasn’t enough food? Did people destroy farms and gardens after first use, and then that land was forbidden to be used to grow food again? That’s seriously the only way this would make sense.

Water works the same way. Just because we drink water, that doesn’t mean those molecules vanish from existence. We urinate, it goes back into the ground or rivers (or your toilet sends it to a facility that filters the water out then puts it back into the environment), and eventually it evaporates, then rains back down, and at some point, some creature will drink that water again, and the cycle starts over. Round and round and round it goes.

The people of Titan didn’t become extinct because of limited resources, they all died because of bad writing.

This is only one of dozens of problems I have with Infinity War.


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