Additional Thoughts | The Kavanaugh Witch Hunt

I’ve had a few thoughts since I posted “The Kavanaugh Witch Hunt.” Click that link to see Part 1.

First, please watch this video the whole way through.

I am further disgusted by how the Left keeps saying everybody should be sympathetic to victims, and yet laughs and scoffs when Brett Kavanaugh loses composure during his testimony. The man is being accused of being a GANG RAPIST, you idiots. Do you have any idea how serious of an accusation that is?

Most people are not gang rapists. Imagine you, person-reading-this-post, have never committed any serious act of violence toward anyone. Then, out of nowhere, half of the entire country is accusing you of being a gang rapist, and it becomes a battle between your word and whatever random person spat this accusation. In addition to that, because you’re male and your accuser is female, most people decide to believe the woman simply because she’s a woman. You would get emotional and worked up, too! You’d have trouble keeping your composure just from sheer frustration at how unfair that is. That some random person can just throw a road block in your path…. No, not just a road block, a fucking brick wall in your path, that you never deserved to have there in the first place, and then people say you’re crazy because you’re trying to get through?

I have a simple algorithm for you Leftists, for you to find out where your heart truly lies:

Whenever a situation occurs that gets you angry and makes you demand justice … reverse the situation in your head. Reverse the genders of the suspects and victims, and/or their ages, and/or their political affiliation, and then ask yourself if you would still feel the same way.

If Kavanaugh was claiming to be the victim of rape by Ford (or even another man), would you care? Would you even remember hearing about it? Yeah probably not. And THAT should show you what you really are. You’re not liberals. In fact, you hate liberals, because liberals want equality for everyone, not just select groups, whereas you far-left progressive lunatics don’t want basic human rights to apply to men, or white people, and/or both.

So, what’s the solution? I mean, I’ve been saying that we shouldn’t BLINDLY believe all rape accusations, so what do I suggest? Well, I don’t have a solution. Sometimes life isn’t easy, people. Not all problems have easy solutions. I don’t know what the solution is, but I do know what it’s NOT. The solution is NOT believing every single accusation.

Technically, getting rid of all cars would be a solution to car crashes.

Technically, getting rid of all mentally and physically challenged people would keep healthier genes in the general population.

Technically, if we stopped living or working in buildings, we’d save every tree in every forest from being cut down.

Technically, if everybody stopped having sex altogether, we wouldn’t have to worry about STD’s anymore.

Just because something would technically work, that doesn’t mean it’s a practical, legitimate solution. This is at the core of why I hate radical beliefs in general, whether right-wing or left-wing. Believing all accusations of wrongdoing (not just rape) would technically bring justice to all victims, but it would also create substantially greater problems, such as dismantling our courts system and prosecuting far more people who are innocent than guilty. The subsequent snowball effect would eventually dismantle all of society.

So, yeah, I’m keeping this stance. Just because Christine Ford cried, that doesn’t mean she’s telling the truth. We all felt for her, but none of us know Ford’s mind, and none of us were there in 1982 to know one way or another. Hence the need to believe evidence above all.

Men tend to manipulate others through violence or noise, women  tend to manipulate others through tears or seduction. Every person on planet Earth is capable of manipulation. The Left needs to accept this fact. Women are no more perfect than men, and tears aren’t proof.

Ford has gotten over half a million dollars (at minimum) from this situation. She has her own Wikipedia page. And best of all (for the far-left), she nearly prevented a conservative from being elected to the Supreme Court. Don’t even try to tell me she had nothing to gain from this. Yes, there were risks, but also so much gain.

I strongly believe that if a rape accusation is proven false, or at least shown to have no substantial evidence, the accuser must be charged with a felony. The damage these accusations can do to a person is tremendous. It ruins reputations, it ruins relationships, and sometimes it even strips people of many years of their life by going to prison or even death row. This shit ruins lives. So don’t even try to tell me there’s no reason to make up lies like this. It’s infuriating that false accusers never have anything to lose, legally.

Is the Left stupid or just outright evil? The Left doesn’t want equality for everyone, they want women to be superior. Fuck the Left! If the Right was behaving exactly like this for men, I’d be reacting the exact same way.

I’m voting Republican in the midterms. You psychos have pushed me this far.

The FBI concluded there is no evidence Kavanaugh committed this atrocity.  The best ‘evidence’ we got was vague, vague (not to mention inconsistent) details. Therefore, if there’s no hard evidence that the accusation is true, you morally and ethically must conclude that it most likely didn’t happen. Ford couldn’t even fucking remember how she got to the party that night or why she was even there at all! See? Even she knew she could make this accusation and didn’t need to have the basic facts of the story straight.


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