“Relics” Progress (Oct 2018) and Series Info

Here is my progress on the third Remnant novel:

I don’t know what the word count is at, but I do know that I’m just about in the polishing phase. Technically, I could get this book done by December, but no guarantees. This story turned out to be every bit I was hoping for, even though some things happened differently than I had planned.

When I originally conceived of my Remnant series, there were only going to be 4 novels. Now, there will be 7 volumes.

So, why go from 4 to 7? That’s nearly doubling the work load.

Around mid-2016, I realized I was wrong about how the series is going to end. Yes, I, the author, was wrong about my own creation. I took a good look at my outlines for all 4 volumes and something huge stood out to me. A different ending came to mind; one that made much more sense and tied nearly every thread in the series together, even threads I didn’t think were important. This is what happens when you allow stories to tell themselves and you, the author, are just a vessel to get the story out to the world.

After deciding there needed to be some changes, there was going to be 10 volumes in total. I thought that was far too much, so I trimmed it down as much as possible until I landed on a number I liked: 7.

In a way, the final volume won’t even be a novel. It’ll be more of a short story. An epilogue. The first three are a trilogy, the next three are a trilogy, and then finally, an epilogue. I think the bulk of the series will conclude in volume 6.

If anyone can guess how the series will end based on what’s been released so far and the fact there will be 7 stories total, I will gladly pay them $1,000 if they agree to keep their mouth shut. But, I’m highly confident nobody can guess the ending.

As for the upcoming volume, Relics, I have a surprise waiting for everyone. You won’t know what the surprise is until it’s released in 2019. Am I talking about the book itself, or something that happens in the book, or even something else? You’ll have to wait and see.


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