The Kavanaugh Witch Hunt

In the latest episode of Putting Feelings Before Facts….

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of attempted rape by Christine Blasey Ford. She tells of a story from 1982 when Kavanaugh trapped her in a room and attempted to rape her while drunk…

Sometime in 2017, I had a conversation with a (somewhat former) friend of mine who I used to respect immensely. His name was Tyler. He and I had a falling out in 2016 after the trial between Kesha and Dr. Luke in which a female judge denied the charges Kesha made against her producer, and I had the audacity to tell Tyler that maybe, just maybe, Kesha made the whole story up. During this conversation in 2017, Tyler said at one point:

“False accusations of rape are rare. They almost never happen.”

And I thought, but didn’t say, “HOW THE HELL COULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW THAT?”

Seriously, where did the Left get the belief that women are perfect angels who can’t tell a lie? As a liberal, I believe men and women are equally human and thus equally capable of being good or scummy. So sorry if that goes against Church of the Left doctrine.

The Brett Kavanaugh vs Christine Blasey Ford situation is similar to what happened with Kesha and Dr. Luke, except worse. This isn’t some pop culture figure, this is a potential Supreme Court judge. A civil servant, meant to serve the public, and have the public’s best interests at heart. If Ford is telling the truth in her accusations, then I fully agree that Kavanaugh should be nowhere near public office. But, here’s the issue….

The event that Ford has told the country about took place 9 years before I was even born. In other words, a long time ago. If I’m correct, Brett Kavanaugh has been a civil servant since 1990, which would make it a career totaling 28 years now. If this happened, and it certainly could have, then why did Ford wait nearly 30 years to speak up? She thinks he shouldn’t hold office now that he’s near the top, but anywhere else is just fine? Here is a list of things that add to the problem:

  1. Literally dozens of people who went to high school with Kavanaugh have stated, under oath and penalty of a felony charge, that Kavanaugh was not the kind of person Ford is describing.
  2. Two people have come forward claiming they were the suspects in that 1982 incident, not Kavanaugh.
  3. (And I can’t believe I’m the only person saying this…) If this story were true, Ford herself said she was never raped, and the perpetrator was drunk at the time. No, this does NOT justify or excuse the act in any way, but it’s still an important detail. Alcohol changes people. That’s the entire reason people drink, and it’s the reason we wrote a constitutional ban on alcohol in the 1920s. And it’s not unheard of for alcohol to completely change someone’s character for the worst. Alcohol actually does turn people into monsters who otherwise wouldn’t be. So, even if Kavanaugh did this to Ford in 1982, alcohol would be to blame, not his character. Also, if this story is true, it’s possible that Kavanaugh grew up and realized what alcohol turns him into and he decided to never get drunk again.

My problem with this whole situation is that Kavanaugh has never been given the benefit of the doubt by the Left, or even by Ford herself. Ford has only implied that she wasn’t raped, but never outright made it clear, “Kavanaugh did NOT rape me.”

By Ford’s own testimony, this is the summarized story: THIRTY-SIX years ago, a DRUNK and TEENAGE Brett Kavanaugh TRIED to rape me but DIDN’T.

I don’t deny for a second that it would have been a terrifying experience. She was locked in a room, pinned down, and she feared for her life. Of course that’s horrible even if rape didn’t take place. But, the fact that nobody is giving Kavanaugh any benefit of the doubt, such as “Maybe he didn’t do it at all,” or, “He was a stupid kid who could have seen the weight of his actions and chose to change,” or anything like that, disturbs me.

No, the Left has decided Kavanaugh was guilty as soon as the accusation was made. That’s all that matters anymore. An accusation is always true even if it isn’t.

I’ve already written an article about how this shit can ruin lives. It’s literally witch hunting for men. Like in the olden days when all you needed to get a woman burned alive was a simple accusation that she’s a witch, these days all you need to ruin a man’s life is to accuse him of rape. Proof doesn’t matter, context doesn’t matter.

(By the way, if you’re thinking context doesn’t matter with rape, yes it certainly does. I’ve heard many, many stories of women who accuse men of rape after they had CONSENSUAL sex and she regretted it afterward. Yes, these days, if the girl regrets it afterward, that’s somehow enough for it to be called rape. I won’t give more examples, but point is, context still matters even when it comes to rape.)

I’m still human, which means I do hope this trial has a certain outcome. I’ll admit that I want Kavanaugh to be guilty. I don’t want another conservative on the Supreme Court (a lifetime position), and I certainly don’t want one appointed by Donald Fucking Trump.

What do I actually think the truth is? Christine Ford is telling the truth to the best of her memory, but her memory is partly distorted.

We’ve had no proof Kavanaugh is guilty. Nothing, zilch, notta. All we’ve gotten is Christine Ford telling the story with tears in her eyes. No, this is not proof. Feelings are not facts. Whether it comes to religion, science, the stupid vaccines-cause-autism debate, or even accusations of rape, feelings are never facts. I am obligated to remain loyal to my principles here, and since there is no proof this ever took place, I must side with the evidence. You should, too.

Two people have come forward saying that they are the ones who did this to Ford 36 years ago, not Kavanaugh. In addition to that, dozens and dozens of people who could have been there, or at least knew Kavanaugh at the time, have denied under oath that this could not have taken place because there was no such party nor was Kavanaugh ever the kind of person who’d get drunk and do this to someone.

Yes, I believe Ford was nearly raped at a party in 1982, but not by Kavanaugh.

If the one-week FBI investigation determines that Kavanaugh absolutely was there and this did happen beyond a reasonable doubt, then I will change my mind no problem. In fact, I will be happier with that verdict, not because I personally hate Kavanaugh (I don’t), but because he’s a conservative/Republican/Trump-nominee. I’ll also be happy because late justice is better than none at all.


I liked Bill Cosby, I never liked Brett Kavanaugh, but I’ve accepted that Bill Cosby is actually a rapist and Brett Kavanaugh is not. And by the way, I find it equally as disgusting that conservatives decided Kavanaugh is innocent before the evidence was presented. It’s the same kind of using your feelings as facts, just inverted.


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