Paul Joseph Watson, Shut Up

When it comes to virtually anything the Right clings to, whether it’s guns or lowering taxes for the rich, or you-name-it, you can always be rest assured that they will cling to those things regardless if it makes any sense. This includes when the Right must, absolutely must, speak out against any and all accusations, against anybody, of sexism or racism.

Look, I completely agree that accusations of bigotry toward women and minorities has gotten out of hand. In the case of Serena Williams, after looking into the situation, I also don’t agree that what happened to her had anything to do with sexism. BUT, since I’m not a Right Winger, I can acknowledge that it’s still possible what happened was due to racism, even if I don’t think so. I wasn’t there, plain and simple.

Paul Joseph Watson, who claims to be a “””””Classical Liberal””””” (I can’t put enough quotes around that), made a video recently telling Serena Williams to shut up. His point was that Serena was certainly being coached and therefore should stop lying and shut up. That’s what the video is called: Shut Up Serena Williams.

So, Paul, since fact-checking is something you try desperately to appear to be good at, yet is actually your Achilles heel, allow me to tell you what Patrick Mourtoglou said, IN IT’S ENTIRETY:

“I’m honest, I was coaching. I don’t think [Serena] looked at me, so that’s why she didn’t think I was (coaching). But I was, like 100 percent of the coaches on 100 percent of the matches. So we have to stop this hypocrite thing. “[Osaka’s coach] was coaching every point too.”

Can read that, Paul? He admitted to trying to coach her, you idiot. But, the fact you purposefully overlooked is that he said, “I don’t think [Serena] looked at me.”

In a past video, from months ago, you admitted to being biased, Paul. So, if you are obviously biased, and you admitted to being biased, then what are you even for? You can’t side with the truth, so why even open your mouth at all?

If you have the balls, Paul Joseph “Classical Liberal” Watson, then take down your ignorant video. I don’t give a shit if Serena has said a few things here and there that weren’t very flattering to other women. Your video is intentionally deceptive and if you have a shred of decency, that should disgust you.


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