Bosses vs Leaders

Soon, I’ll be starting an ongoing segment. You’ll be able to find it on the top menu bar of this blog. It will be called From Nothing.

From Nothing will be a written documentary about me starting my own business from scratch. I wasn’t lucky like Jeff Bezos, founder of and the richest man in the world by far, who got his start from his parents giving him $300,000. No, I must start from nothing. I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that most people unfortunately will die in the financial class they were born into. Statistically speaking, the rich get richer, and everyone else just lives their lives to give the rich more money. So, I thought, Could I accomplish a lot if I didn’t start out rich?

Apart from giving my wife and, most importantly, my child, the best life I can give them, my primary motivation for starting a business is to counter something I’ve seen and heard about all over the US. That problem is the fact that most jobs don’t pay livable wages, or give paid time off (PTO), or give bonuses.

The PTO thing is the biggest deal to me. Here in the US, most people simply accept that every weekday of the year, every year, they will serve their corporate overlords. I keep thinking, Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was able to look forward to those two-or-three-week periods each year where they get to escape work and do whatever they want? This isn’t a problem I could ever fix, but at the very least, I could start my own business and if it’s successful, I could give that kind of peace of mind to my employees.

Jeff Bezos (pictured above), Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett own more wealth than half the entire US. Every time I hear that, I think, Shit, if I were that rich, I’d give most of that money to my employees. You see, there are leaders and there are bosses. Bosses are above their people, leaders are part of the people. When I hear reports that Amazon doesn’t pay most of its employees a livable wage, penalizes people who take bathroom breaks, requires people to literally run around all day, forces people to work the next day after they have suffered a traumatic event, etc…. I think, Jeff Bezos isn’t only a boss, he’s a horrible boss.

People in leadership positions should have one goal and one goal only: to enrich the lives of their subordinates. Yes, that requires trying to maximize profits and sometimes chewing people out when they screw up, but at the end of the day, it should only be for guaranteeing them some financial peace of mind, and maybe even some wisdom, too. Your subordinates are your family. If you benefit, they benefit. If they suffer, you suffer.


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  1. Most of my students didn’t like me because I was smart and well read; their most popular adjective for me was apparently kind. I hadn’t thought it was such an unusual quality in teachers.


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