Alex Jones Should Be Banned, Count Dankula Should Go to Jail

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Double feature today. Alex Jones and Count Dankula.

Everybody knows who Alex Jones is, so I won’t explain that. On the other hand, Count Dankula (real name Markus Meechan) is an ordinary guy from Scotland who got arrested for posting a video on YouTube of his dog making Nazi salutes and responding to phrases like, “Gas the Jews.”

Alex Jones, reigning king of stupid conspiracies, was banned by YouTube, Apple, Facebook, and Spotify (did I miss any?) from their respective platforms all within 12 hours of each other.

The political left and right, as always, have been hypocritical when it comes to both Alex Jones and Count Dankula. In short, I disagree with the right about Alex Jones being banned, and I agree with Dankula’s choice to ultimately wind up in jail.

Here’s my two cents.


I have been wondering for literally years why Alex Jones has been permitted to say whatever the hell he wants. Yes, I believe in free speech (I believe it strongly), but in a liberal society, freedom is important but there are other important things as well, like safety and privacy. I don’t doubt Alex Jones has gotten rich off his lunatic rantings. What I do wonder is how he had millions of followers, made absurd libel claims regularly, and WASN’T banned for it. YouTube has rules about slander, and even about deception. Hell, it even deletes videos that have misleading thumbnails. Has YouTube always been consistent with these rules? Of course not. But Alex Jones isn’t an obscure citizen living in his mother’s basement with only 3 subscribers. He had millions. I’ve also wondered, literally for years, how he hasn’t been crushed under a mountain of lawsuits.

But all because he’s part of the right wing, the entire right wing has come to his defense. Even Sargon of Akkad has come to his defense, which shouldn’t surprise me at this point since Sargon’s head is so far up the right wing’s ass. I’m working on an article about him alone, which should be done soon.

Should someone who says, “I think Sandy Hook was all fake, and the parents are just trying to get rich and famous from a fake massacre,” should be left alone. It’s a stupid opinion, but in a free speech society, stupid opinions should be allowed. But that’s not what Alex Jones did. He made claims. He said, “This is true.” He didn’t give his opinion, he stated this shit as fact. So, no, I’m not surprised that all these tech companies banned him, I’m actually surprised it took them so damn long.

How often did he speak of unification? Of getting along with people not part of a certain group? Or, when did he last praise something a Democrat did? Anything? Anything of the sort? Oh, that’s right, he never did. Everything coming out of his mouth for years has been, “This person’s a pedophile, this person’s a liar, this person’s dead kids were never real to begin with.” At the VERY least, it is a violation of most terms of service on these platforms. His banning is long overdue for that reason alone.

In a liberal society, which is what the US is, there should be freedom, but you can’t have freedom and safety and privacy without rules. I believe in free speech, but only to an extent. You should not be able to commit perjury, you should not be able to hand out false rape accusations like candy, and you should not be able to call random people pedophiles. Sometimes, the things you say are actually important, and sometimes the things you say have real-world effects. In my latest book, the story of my life so far, Atheist Miracles, I make a pretty colossal claim about one particular person at the end, but I only made that claim because 1), I know what I remember hearing from law enforcement, and 2), I can fucking prove that law enforcement told me those things. Even still, I said I wasn’t there when this person did what I described in the book, and that law enforcement could have been lying to me for all I know.

Free speech absolutists, really, and I mean REALLY, think about if being a free speech absolutist is reasonable. It isn’t. Nobody should draw the line at what is ‘offensive,’ but the line does have to be drawn somewhere. Sorry to break it to you.

Plus, this wasn’t the government’s doing. It was corporations. Yes, I acknowledge these companies have a monopoly on the internet, and for that they should be held to higher standards than your average private company. It is extremely suspicious that they all targeted the same person/entity within just 12 hours of each other. But when it comes to Alex Jones, I wouldn’t have given a shit if it actually were the government shutting down his bullshit. He’s not an actor, Sargon the Cuck, he really does believe his own lies, and he wants you to believe them too. I know that goes against your undying loyalty to the right wing, but search your feelings and you’ll know it to be true.



Now, as for Count Dankula, I am fervently against him receiving any kind of punishment for a joke. Not to mention, a joke that was ENTIRELY centered around his view that the Nazis were evil.

Look… His girlfriend thought her dog was the epitome of perfect. So, Dankula, AS A JOKE, thought of a way to make the perfect dog look horrible and pretend-made it a Nazi. That was the joke, UK government. Nazis are bad, and because they are bad, I’m going to make this ‘perfect’ dog a Nazi so that my girlfriend stops thinking he’s perfect.

I applaud the internet’s rally behind Dankula. I think it’s because of the internet that he wasn’t given a harsher sentence than a fine. But you know what, he chose not to pay the fine, and I actually already thought he shouldn’t as well. Why? Because it’ll make for a stronger example of how off-the-rails and asinine society has become if he goes to jail over a fucking joke.

Dankula thinks Nazis are bad. The UK government thinks Nazis are bad…… Where’s the crime here? Context matters.

Relating this to Alex Jones… Context matters there as well. Info Wars never considered itself satirical or comedic, so defending Jones’ libel claims is just absurd. You know, and we all know, he meant what he said. Nobody should be able to outright slander so openly.

Count Dankula… All he did was make a joke, based on an opinion most people share.


2 thoughts on “Alex Jones Should Be Banned, Count Dankula Should Go to Jail

  1. No dude, there is no line. Free Speech means Free Speech, if you start drawing lines then it’s not free anymore, regardless of where you draw them. If it’s not a direct incitement to violence or anything like that then it’s protected speech. Including anything and everything Alex Jones has ever said, and I’m not a fan of him either, but what happened to him was wrong. And what happened to count dankula was wrong too. He can’t make satire on the internet without getting arrested? And that’s okay with you?


    1. Regarding the slander with Alex Jones, people who get slandered can sue him for that, and a few of them currently are, that’s not a good reason for him being deplatformed though. If he wants to use those platforms to defend people and get himself sued, that’s his business, not Twitter’s and not YouTubes.


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