The Church of Vegan


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I think to some degree, virtually all people (let’s just say 99% of mankind) have a love for animals, and for all living things in general. There’s a smaller percentage that care enough about animals to be activists for their rights and safety. And then there’s an even smaller percentage of the population that care so much about animals that they refuse to eat anything that even came from an animal: vegans.

In this article, I will make it clear that vegans are just stupid people whose hearts aren’t even in the right place.

There’s a certain pattern of behavior we see from vegans. 1), They never shut up about being vegan; 2), they claim that all non-vegans are evil; 3), they believe the only way to help animals is to be vegan; and 4), they put more effort into being vegan than any other cause.

Starting to sound less like a lifestyle and more like a cult, isn’t it? Let’s break down all of these behaviors.


1: Never shutting up about being vegan

Obsessive behavior of any kind is not just annoying to everyone around you, it’s also unhealthy for you. Obsessions cannot be controlled or tamed, by their very definition. Allowing one’s self to be obsessed, about anything, is the conscious choice to be blinded to all other things, especially to anything that might prove your obsession is incorrect. And, of course, it’s just extremely obnoxious.

2: Claiming all non-vegans are evil

Whether this is true or false, it is still ultimately false. How does that make sense? I’ll explain.

If it’s true that eating animals really is evil, the fact still remains that humans aren’t the only ‘evil’ creatures on Earth. Carnivorous organisms exist all over nature. In fact, all life forms consume other life forms. It is a simple fact of nature that in order to survive, you must eat or be eaten. Plants are just as alive as any animal. Plants respond to sounds, they can get sick, they can age, and they can be drawn towards or repelled by different things. It’s almost as if they have individuality and feelings. Even if you could argue plants don’t have feelings, the fact still remains that they are living creatures. Plus, if you refuse to eat animals, then plants are all you have left, and if you only eat plants, then you are eating the food supply of the animals you love so much…

So, even if it is somehow evil to kill animals for their meat, that still wouldn’t matter in the long run, because all life consumes other life. Even some plants are carnivorous.

Lions start eating their prey before it’s even dead. Not to mention, male lions slaughter the cubs of other males when they take over a pride. So, I guess we have to start getting rid of all lions? Or maybe we should pretend they don’t exist? Either option is laughably unrealistic. If you’d like examples of horrendous behavior from other animals, I’d be more than happy to provide some.

So, vegans, if you really care so much about living creatures, then don’t eat anything ever again. In other words, kill yourself. It’s your only option.

3: The only way to help animals is being vegan

Notice that vegans don’t actually participate in any activism for animals. They just simply refuse to eat animal product, and call that enough. To me, that is all the proof I need that their hearts aren’t even in the right place. With some far-left movements, I can at least say their hearts are in the right place, but not with vegans. They just don’t do something and claim that it’s a tremendous force for good. It’s lazy, and it doesn’t actually help anything.

If vegans truly wanted to help animals, they would realize something that even a child could grasp on their own: Simply not doing something is not enough to cause real change. In fact, most of the time, doing nothing is counter-productive to most causes. Now, one could say that vegans never shut up about veganism, and in a way, that’s their activism. Except, simply being loud and obnoxious and shoving a philosophy down everyone’s throat is also counter-productive to most causes.

Reality is, there’s nothing vegans can do to stop the slaughter of animals. They cannot prove it’s a moral good, they cannot prove it’s necessary for anyone’s health. The only people who will listen to them are those who have the same electrical fire going on in their brains.

I’m not saying that just because nobody listens to a movement that that automatically means it’s false. Many necessary movements take a lot of hard work and time to be taken seriously. But this is not one of those movements. In the same way you cannot convince a historian that the Holocaust never happened, or convince an astronomer that Earth is flat, you cannot convince centenarians (people who have lived to age 100+) that eating meat will shorten their lifespan. You cannot convince zoologists that only humans are so cruel to other animals. You cannot convince a farmer that the general population wants to abandon meat production.

Why can’t you convince these people of these things? Because they live in reality, and vegans don’t.

4: Putting more effort into veganism than any other cause

Starvation is still a problem. Poverty is still a problem. Pollution is still a problem. Unclean drinking water is still a problem. Natural disasters are still a problem. War is still a problem. Intolerance to and from religious groups is still a problem. Corporate greed is still a problem. Cancer and other diseases are still a problem. Global warming is still a problem. The threat of AI is still a problem.

I’ve known a vegan or two, and they weren’t the least bit active in any other global issue. I’ve seen other vegans online and they are the exact same way. Even if they were active in other areas, I’d bet a lot of money they wouldn’t put as much effort into those causes than in veganism. Yes, somehow, vegans believe that eating animals or just things that come from animals is the world’s most serious problem. That alone should tell you how detached from reality they are. Somehow a non-problem is the biggest problem of all.

In conclusion:

Most (but not all) of the time, vegans are just insipid, airhead girls addicted to social media, trying to get as much attention from as many people as possible. Why the hell are they taken so seriously? Why do we keep having to see these people everywhere? Why are they given platforms? These idiots shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.

Like all philosophies, accurate or false, moral or wrong, veganism requires a certain kind of mindset to have in the first place. This is why vegans all behave the same. You cannot generally be an intuitive, wise, selfless person and also think like a vegan. It’s not a lifestyle, it’s a religion. Were it only a lifestyle, they’d keep it to themselves; they wouldn’t try to shove it down anyone’s throat, nor would they even wear it as a badge of honor. If veganism was really based on principles, the only time you’d learn someone is vegan is when you’ve known them for a long time and it suddenly occurs to you that you’ve never seen them eat animal products. But, that’s not the way it is. Instead, if someone’s vegan, you’re gonna know it damn well, because they’ll always tell you. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over.

“Look, I don’t eat meat! I’m holier than thou!”

Please shut the hell up…


2 thoughts on “The Church of Vegan

  1. I’m sorry that you have met “one or two” very annoying vegans. I’m sure they could have greatly changed your opinion, had they been more tactful in their approach. If they were, however, simply young girls, they are to be forgiven for not yet having fine tuned their social sense to be better persuaders.
    Because I’m a vegan (sorry to have to mention it, but it is relevant), I have met many, many vegans. The vast majority of them are, in fact, involved in proactive animal rights. More still are involved proactively in other rights issues. It is a myth that vegans care more about animals than humans. Most of us consider caring about animals to be an extension of our compassion for humans. Other animals are, after all, beings, like humans, even if they are less advanced.
    Though, it must be said, a lot of animal activism is harmful, and it is better not to do things like stopping slaughterhouse trucks. In a capitalist society, boycotting a certain product has a greater effect. It reduces the amount that is sold, which reduces the amount that it is produced. In other words, more vegans equals less meat, which means less animal farming and less slaughter. This can already be observed in the statistics. Veganism is on the rise, and sales of meat products consequently fall.
    I contest that the behaviour of animals should be the benchmark for the behaviour of humans. Because we are more advanced and more intelligent than they, it falls to us to make the decisions they cannot make. Lions can’t protect the planet. If there was an asteroid in space that could destroy the Earth, humans would have to deal with it – no other animal is capable. So, you could argue that it becomes our responsibility to make the hard choices.
    For me, this includes giving up something I used to find enjoyable, in the understanding that other creatures suffer for it. As a human, I’m the only being that can choose what it eats. A lion has to eat live, large prey. I don’t. And so, I won’t.


  2. What is wrong with you? I chose to go plant-based (mostly vegan diet) because it’s a way to help cure my cancer. It has nothing to do with protecting animals, pushing a dietary agenda, attacking the dairy industry or finding unity with other vegans. I don’t normally advertise my dietary choices. To me, it’s a way to eat healthier and to stay away from the medical profession – which I speak a lot more about than not eating meat. You might consider putting away that broad brush you just painted a group of people with. We are not all the same.


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