Trying Something New

I’ve noticed a recent uptick in viewership. An average 50% increase each month since April, which is great. Last month, July, was my most viewed month of 2018 so far, and my 3rd most viewed month of all time. I’m still wondering what caused this, since I haven’t really done anything different, but it is welcomed nonetheless. So, I decided to try something that might be mutually beneficially to my audience and myself.

This increase in viewership is particularly surprising because – let’s be honest – nobody reads blogs. A lot of people have blogs, but nobody reads others. I never expected this blog to really go anywhere. It’s just a means for me to get thoughts out of my system. I’ve been blogging for over 13 years, and on this particular platform for 2 of those years. Thousands (yes, thousands) of people read this blog, even though only 160 people are subscribed to it. That doesn’t even make sense. But again, it is welcomed.

I’m offering my audience a chance to advertise something they want the world to see, for just $1 per article. On average, I post 10 articles per month. So, for just $10 per month, you could have thousands of people seeing your product/project/etc. If enough people start supporting this blog, I’ll post more frequently, which would be even more exposure.

We all build each other up. Everyone wins.

Will this happen? I don’t know. I’ve tried things here and there, and only rarely do changes I make make anything happen. It’s just an experiment.

Click here to donate $1 per article, and then email me at to let me know what you want advertised. Simple as that.


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