“Relics” Progress and Info

Here is an update to the writing challenge I imposed on myself for my next novel, Relics.

As of today, I should be at 25,000 words for the novel. But, I’m at only a little more than 12,000, which is only 48% of where I need to be. (20,000 if you count what I wrote before my challenge.)

Release Info

The prologue will be released on ThinkingMichael.com on November 17, 2018.

The first seven chapters will be added to Resurrection on November 17, 2018.

Another release will accompany Relics. It will be the first and only compilation volume. It will contain all of Theia’s chapters from novels 1-3, with some additional chapters to bridge any gaps. This volume will simply be called Theia.

I have set a release date for Relics for myself, but I won’t announce it because I gave up announcing release dates in general, just in case they have negative effects on my writing. I can tell you this, though: I’m highly confident Relics will be released in the first half of 2019.

Other Info

This will be the longest volume in the series, ranging from 175-200,000 words. The average length for novels is 80-120,000 words. If you’re curious, Remnant was 126k, and Resurrection was 134k.

It will be the turning point in the series, like how Voldemort’s return in Goblet of Fire was the turning point in the Harry Potter series.


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