The Predators Surrounding Us

What happened to James Gunn (director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies) is nothing new, but I will say the incident is the most unique of its kind. Usually, I resent mob attacks on people for something they said countless years ago that they wouldn’t say ever again. Usually

What James Gunn said relates to a much larger issue that I want to talk about. I will be brief, because this is a very true and extremely disturbing reality.

What James Gunn said wasn’t just sick, it was suspicious. He made it sound as if he has actually molested children. His justification of these tweets was that, back then, he was only trying to be edgy, to trigger a reaction from people. Well, there’s a reaction now.

I have no evidence of either the authenticity of Gunn’s claims, or of the falsehood. I don’t know what the truth is, but I do have an opinion, and that opinion is … I wouldn’t be surprised if every one of these exposed tweets turned out to be true. It has been spoken of in recent years many times that Hollywood in general has a dark secret. Among the darkest secrets any person, organization, or industry could possibly have. That problem is: pedophilia.

If you want to learn more about the truth behind this twisted network in Hollywood, watch this video. DO NOT watch this video if you are squeamish. It does not have graphic depictions, but the things you will simply hear about will churn your stomach. There are worse things in Hollywood than what Harvey Weinstein has been accused of…

I’ve outright said this and implied it many times throughout everything I have ever written: There is no depth human beings won’t descend to. For most, they are only as good as the world forces them to be. For some, satisfying their inhuman desires is simply a matter of time and finding the right network to make it possible. Think of the Catholic church and their scandal with pedophilia, which was being covered up by the Pope himself. Hollywood is their own network of monsters. Don’t be surprised if you find out another industry is secretly in the business of molesting children, or worse.

All I am trying to say is: Never assume everything happening behind the scenes is innocent, whether that is an individual like Ted Haggard, or an entire industry like Hollywood. We must always be cautious with who we leave our more vulnerable loved ones – namely children – with. Most creeps and monsters cleverly put themselves in positions where most people trust them, so that they have access to victims and extra security.

I am closely related to a monster. I have 11 half-siblings, and this monster is my only full-sibling. If only we could choose our relatives…

I haven’t seen him since the 1990’s, which I am immeasurably thankful for, but I am nonetheless ashamed to be related to him. I talked about what I know of the things he’s done in my autobiography Atheist Miracles, if you want to know what I know. Later this year, he will go on trial for his most recent atrocity, hopefully remaining in prison for the rest of his life.

Despite everything I’ve said, I don’t believe the world is full of monsters; just that they are everywhere, especially in the places people overlook most. But the world has plenty of good people as well. Not everybody who has a pretty, smiley face can be trusted, and just because someone has a serious, perhaps angry-looking face, that doesn’t mean they can’t be trusted.

You must trust people on individual bases. Don’t paint with broad strokes. Not every priest is a child molester, and not every happy, bubbly Mr. Niceface is safe to be around either.

As for James Gunn, I don’t know if he has any secrets. He could be a good guy for all I know. I don’t believe any person’s past statements are concrete indicators of how that person is today. People change, for better or for worse. Sometimes they don’t. Again, we must judge on individual bases.


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