Review | Leave No Trace

This movie immediately became one of my all-time favorites, and I only just saw it.

It is about a PTSD father and his perfectly-normal daughter living off the land in forests, starting in my home of Portland, Oregon, and then they travel far away so as to not be disturbed by society.

I’d say the best aspect of Leave No Trace is the lead actress. While I found it lazy to name her character (Tom) after the one portraying her (Thomasin), I loved and appreciated everything about the actress and her character. The character is loyal to her father and her father’s wishes, while being her own person. Throughout the movie, it seems to dawn on her more and more that the life she wants cannot ever be the life her father wants. She never has outbursts, which I was expecting, and she never doubts her love for her father. Leave No Trace is not a story about their living in the woods, it’s really about both of them realizing they cannot share a life.

That’s really all there is to say about it. The acting was excellent all around, especially from the main actress. The story is simple but not predictable or boring.

It’s a shining example that all movies ought to learn from.


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