Don’t Abandon the Left

It is increasingly concerning to me how many people are joining the “I used to be left-wing” group. Of course, 99% of the time, the reasoning is that the left has been hijacked by its worst members. I understand the frustration – trust me, I fully feel this frustration – but abandoning your principles for another set of principles simply because the other set is correct about a select few social issues … is retarded. In my opinion, it proves you don’t have principles to begin with.

Let me explain something that should be obvious to all…

First of all, both the left and the right have their lunatics. The Left has social justice warriors and progressives. The Right has the Tea Party, hicks, rednecks, gun nuts, Fox News, the Westboro Baptist Church, neo-Nazis, the KKK, etc.

Abandoning the left entirely simply because one particular group has forcibly seized the face of it is also ignorant. Both sides have many different groups within them. Of course they do! If there are only two sides to the political spectrum, and there are billions of people on planet Earth, then obviously the two sides are going to have many, many subgroups. No two people think the exact same way. I’ve used this example many times, and I will again: Hippies and Antifa are both part of the left, but just try to explain with a straight face how they behave the same. You can’t, because they are nothing alike. So, just because they are both part of the left, that doesn’t mean they are anything alike.

Progressives and liberals hate each other. When progressives first started to rise, when they started claiming that everything in society is bigoted towards minorities and women, guess who the first – the very first – people to oppose them were. The correct answer is: Liberals! Before anyone on the Right started hearing the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of progressives, liberals were already on the case, like white blood cells attacking an infectious disease within the body. Except, liberals eventually realized that progressives weren’t any mere illness to the body, we realized we were fighting a cancer, and that we were going to need a lot more firepower to fight this cancer. Liberals started allying themselves with center-right conservatives for this very reason. Sure, we disagree on issues like abortion, gay marriage, marijuana, global warming, religion, etc., but at least we were (and still are) united on one thing: the progressive movement needs to be stopped.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

So, don’t be like Candace Owens (who I think is an idiot). Don’t abandon the left simply because this cancer has spread. Progressives are not the entire left by a long shot. Don’t submit to the many ignorant views of the right simply because progressives claim to speak for everybody on the left. Don’t be like Candace Owens, who buys into whatever the Right says, all because progressives chased her away from the left. Suddenly she thinks global warming is a myth, suddenly she’s against all abortions, and calls for the deportation of all undocumented immigrants, because now she just hates anything that any part of the left stands for.

Don’t trade one extreme for another. Don’t completely rewrite your principles simply because some people have distorted them. Don’t deal with the problem at hand by joining a group that’s only very slightly better. Liberal principles still, and always will, have the moral and intellectual high ground over any other ideology, and those who serve liberal principles are trying our best to reclaim control of the left.



  1. “Progressives and liberals hate each other.” I’ve been hanging out with liberals and progressives my entire life, and I never met any who hated each other. They bickered and disagreed and maybe liberals thought progressives were unrealistic about how much could get done and progressives worried that nothing would get done before it was too late, but your entire narrative exaggerates the issue.

    I have also never met a liberal who would vote for the GOP just to spite progressives. There are some swing voters who vote Republican during the good times because they aren’t liberal on social issues and then when the GOP drives the economy into the ditch they vote Democrat to pick up the mess, but they aren’t liberal in the sense of the 40% of voters who will always vote Democrat (or conservative in the sense of the 40% who will always vote Republican).


    1. I don’t really know how you can think that they don’t hate each other. Perhaps this is the case in your personal life, but this is virtually all I see in articles and videos. The amount of hate progressives give people like Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin and Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), all of whom are liberals, is staggering. They’re called far-right when they’re not even on the right. Also, plenty of liberals would vote right-wing to spite progressives, and I might be one of them in the near future. The Democrats are going further left, pushing for socialism, probably even communism before long, and ending the ‘gender wage gap’ which doesn’t even exist, etc. And don’t even get me started on what’s happening in Europe. I blame progressives for Antifa. I blame progressives for the rise in popularity for socialism and communism. It’s heartbreaking to have to vote against your team, but it’s necessary when your side has lost its mind.


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