Politics | The Difference Between Liberals and Progressives

With the US midterms around the corner, I can’t help but worry about which side – the left or the right – will come out on top. I’ve never liked the right, and for several years now, I’ve been annoyed with how detached from reality the left has become.

I’ve been saying this for a while now: The left is in the midst of a civil war. Liberals vs. Progressives. Liberals have been trying to reclaim the left from the lunatics that have taken it over.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

That’s easy. It’s simply just a matter of how far to the left both groups are. That’s really all you need to know to differentiate between them. Progressive are the far-left, while liberals are the center-left. Progressives are radicals, while liberals are moderates.

Shockingly, only one major figures seems to understand this. People on both the left and right don’t understand that not everyone on the left is a liberal. Who is this person who understands this? Ben Shapiro.

When you listen to Ben Shapiro’s broadcasts, you’ll notice that he almost never even says the word ‘liberal.’ You only ever hear him criticize ‘the left,’ or more specifically, ‘leftists.’ This is intentional, and he has explained this before. Shapiro is actually good friends with many liberals, such as Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Dave Rubin, and even Sam Harris. Why is he friends with these people? Because these people are part of the left, but they strongly believe in actual equality between all people, and these people are always willing to have a conversation with him. They are not radicals. In fact, these people use their platforms to criticize progressives, frequently.

Think of the difference between these groups as: Hippies vs. Antifa.

How do hippies behave? They are pacifists. They are never violent. On the other hand, you have Antifa, who all have a strict philosophy that they have to be violent.

So, are they the same? Obviously not. And this is something I think both the right and the left need to understand. Just because you have left-wing beliefs, that does not mean you support anything progressives say.

The trademarks of being a progressive are as follows:

You hate white people, you hate men, you believe in the gender pay gap, you think Western society oppresses women, you believe offensive jokes should be banned, you believe there is more than 2 genders, you believe that micro-aggressions are real, and you believe that whites owe blacks something, and you want either socialism or communism to replace capitalism.

Liberals do not share any of those philosophies. Liberals prefer to be tuned in to reality. Liberals believe that all people, white or black, should have equal opportunities and the highest degree of freedom. Liberals like telling jokes, including offensive jokes, because they understand that a joke is simply a joke, not a declaration of intent or belief. Liberals hate bigotry toward anyone, including bigotry toward whites and men.

Learn the difference.

In my opinion, everyone should be liberal.



  1. Calling yourself ‘progressive’ appears virtuous and moral, to begin with. After all, progress is a good thing. But those who ascribe to the political label of ‘progressive’ typically want change regardless of whether it results in a better society. They’re idealists who aren’t rooted in reality.

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    1. The way I see it, liberals have won every battle. Slavery is gone, marijuana is legal, gay marriage is universal, women can vote, NOBODY can legally be paid less for the same work for their gender or race, we can choose to be religious or non-religious, etc. The problem with progressives is that they don’t want the struggles to end. They keep fighting when there’s nothing to actually fight for anymore. Progressives just want to fight, while liberals just want everyone to have rights, which everyone has now.

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