‘Atheist Miracles’ Now Available

It took a while, but it’s here!

Well, the ebook is. The paperback is still being prepared.

Atheist Miracles. A book that is both the story of my life thus far, but more so the story of the last 12 years with my best friend.

The book is more than twice as long as I had originally planned. I wanted it to be only 20,000 words long, but it ended up being about 42,000 words.

I’m going to forever think of this book as the one piece of writing that should explain everything one needs to know about me. As I was writing the book, I thought, Wow! I’m shocked I didn’t turn out to be just like any of these people. I mean, look what I had to deal with! Most of the things I describe I had almost forgotten, let alone the intimate details.

This book was never meant to be entertainment. It was meant to be impactful and perhaps have lessons for some. What lessons? Whatever it happens to be. Just like all art, it is what you take from it. Click the link below to download now:


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