Movies vs Shows – If My Novels Were Adapted

I’ve had some debate among people I know whether I would prefer my Remnant novels to be adapted into movies or into a TV show. I’ve always insisted the novels are best suited for one type of adaptation…


Yes, you can get more development of characters and settings with the alternative, but shows have a number of limits themselves, as well as irritating characteristics. Commercial breaks are my main gripe with them. And, with commercial breaks comes the need for dramatic timing. So. Much. Dramatic. Timing. Those kinds of things take me out of what I’m watching instantly. Fortunately, online streaming has kind of eliminated this problem, but not completely, and there are still the other problems.

Budget. Instead of a large budget for a 2-hour presentation, you get an equal-or-smaller budget for a 10- to 20-hour production. There is also the problem of viewership. People can just check out for half the season, and chances are, they won’t miss much. Which leads me to my next gripe with shows…

Filler. In every show I’ve ever watched, and yes that includes Game of Thrones, there is far too much filler. And speaking of Game of Thrones, that show is based on really thick novels, so you’d think there wouldn’t be much filler, or any, but you’d be wrong. I have a deep hatred of filler. Whenever I come across filler, it makes me think the story wasn’t worth telling, because random shit had to be made up just to make it longer. The #1 reason I do not love The Lord of the Rings (the books and the movies) is because the entire could have been finished in the first half of the first story. The Fellowship convenes in Rivendell, decides to destroy the ring, and then choose literally the longest and least efficient way to get to Mordor …., walking! Yeah, I hate filler.

With movies, you have two hours to get everything done. You have to establish the characters, establish the setting, explain the plot, get the plot going, and finish the plot, all in two hours. This does not automatically eliminate filler, but it does reduce it more than a show-format would. Not to mention, movies get more effective budgets.

Last, but certainly not least… I am a strong believer in making volumes solid. What does that mean? Well, by ‘volume’ I mean any individual novel, movie, or even TV show episode. Pretty much, any individual release. And by ‘solid’ I mean the work needs to complete what it set out to do. You can have a series of books, or movies, or TV show seasons, but still, I believe that each individual release of those things needs to finish what it starts.

In my first novel, Remnant, the purpose of that volume was to establish everything and the plot was (when you narrow it down) to reunite Theia with her father. Spoiler warning… And that is exactly what happened. It wasn’t the end of the series by a long shot, but it served its purpose. You just don’t get that kind of focus with TV shows.


One thought on “Movies vs Shows – If My Novels Were Adapted

  1. I disagree about the Lord of the Rings. If they had kept everything I liked from the books, it would have been a four movie series. On the other hand, I would have chopped the Hobbit down to two good movies instead of three bloated ones.

    Personally, I’d be pretty happy if my novels were turned into Netflix series. They would have to be 22 episodes for a season, they could be their natural length.


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