My Autobiography – What to Expect

This will be the most personal book I’ve written, or ever will write. Here are the kinds of stories and themes you will read about.

I’ve described it as the story of the past 12 years with my devout-Christian best friend. I’ve described it as the story of my life (biography). Both of those descriptions are fitting, though the narrative’s emphasis will be on my best friend and I the past 12 years.

The story will describe how he and I tried to help drug addicts become sober. It will describe the broken family I came from, of which some members have severe mental problems. It will describe how most of the people I have been betrayed and/or disappointed by were Christians, which fueled my hatred of Christians for years, and thus strained my relationship with my best friend. It will describe my history with depression and how I believed for years that life wasn’t worth living.

The story aspect of the book will be the bulk of the writing, but it’s ultimately not what the book’s about. The book is about the big questions of life. If there is a god, how should we live our lives? If there is not a god, how should we live our lives? Is morality important or justified without religion?

I lived through all the stories of the book. I gained the perspective I have on life because of these stories. Having a best friend whose beliefs were polar opposite to my own, while it caused problems sometimes, was beneficial to us both. The book is not meant to make anyone become a Christian or an atheist, it is simply meant to make the reader think. It is meant to provide some perspective for those who have never been on the other side in their social lives, or intellectually.

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