My Autobiography – Available for Pre-Order

It’s right around the corner. If you intend to buy it, it’s best to do so now, because once it’s available, the price will more than double. Find it on Amazon here:

I made the cover dark and bright, and colored and colorless, intentionally. I think those things perfectly reflect the themes in the book as well as the events described.

I started writing the book in early 2017, in what was meant to be a short essay about the debate about religion I had with him. But, over time, I decided to include some stories about things he and I have been through, and then that just evolved into encompassing the entire story about the years he and I have been brothers. Given what happens in the book, and the thoughts I share on those events, I realized it couldn’t be a short book. But, more importantly, in the middle of writing it, I learned my wife was pregnant, and I wanted my daughter’s birth to be part of the story as well.

Well, it’s just about here. You can pre-order it now for half-price, or wait until the release date, when it will cost $6.99.


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