Why Star Wars Will Never Be Great Again

Star Wars fans keep complaining about what Disney is doing to their beloved franchise, and rightfully so. I am among those people. But, there’s something huge that the fans keep overlooking…

There’s nothing left to do with the franchise. And, if you think about it, there’s been nothing left to do since the end of the first movie.

How do you go up from a planet-destroying space station? A galaxy-destroying space station? How could anyone, villain or otherwise, benefit from destroying the entire galaxy? The reason we got a second Death Star in Return of the Jedi is not because that was the natural course of the trilogy, but because the franchise can’t have high stakes without a Death Star.

Then, we got a third Death Star in The Force Awakens. You can bet your life savings that there will be a fourth Death Star in less than ten years.

The franchise should have been completed after Return of the Jedi. The heroes we love so much triumphed over the most evil army the galaxy has ever seen and the two evil men who operated it. There is nowhere left you can go with a franchise about laser swords and space wizards, except down. Truly, the only thing you can do with the franchise from now until eternity is repeat plots and rely completely on fanbase nostalgia.

Disney could do some original movies, such as exploring the distant past from times such as the Old Republic, or make a movie based on Marka Ragnos (seriously, that would be so awesome). These movies could focus on Force-based artifacts that can resurrect the dead, or even allow living beings to enter the realm of the Force…. or something. But, there’s a reason Disney will never do that.

Disney is a corporation, and a corporation’s only goal, ever, is to make money. You know what makes the most money? Familiarity. Disney will never spend $200 million on a movie about Darth Bane, or Kyle Katarn, or the awesome Marka Ragnos, because general audiences aren’t familiar with those characters. It would be far too risky of an investment for Disney to spend that kind of money on characters only devout fans know about.

So, what will we be getting instead? This shit…

shit - a star wars movie

Then, we’re getting a movie about Boba Fett, and then Obi-Wan, and then Yoda, and then probably Jabba the Fucking Hutt, because everybody knows those characters already.

Star Wars movies from now until the end of time will be nothing but references to the original trilogy. Nothing more.

I did not quit Star Wars forever simply because Disney keeps making shit Star Wars movies. It’s also because originality and creativity will forever be absent from the franchise. Every other fan should quit, too. Love what came before a corporation started milking you for your money.

There’s another major reason Star Wars will never be great again… And that is because Disney will keep making movies based on familiar characters and plotlines. It strips us, the fans, of our imagination. Once Disney has an ‘official’ depiction of what happened in the past to any specific character, or what happened in the future (like episodes 7-9), we can no longer enjoy imagining for ourselves what occurred. We can’t make it our own anymore.

I liked wondering whatever the hell “making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs” means. Now, there’s a fucking explanation for it. Well, there’s the Disney explanation, anyway.

This franchise can’t capture our imaginations anymore. Add the fact the movies themselves suck now, and you have nothing but garbage and crushed dreams and a corporation trying to sell your beloved nostalgia like a whore.


2 thoughts on “Why Star Wars Will Never Be Great Again

  1. I forced myself to watch Last Jedi. The film is really poor take on something already created in the original trilogy. Like you, I do think the franchise should’ve ended, but that darn Disney corporation is cashing in big time on Star Wars with these side movies. I own Rogue One,but refuse to watch it despite all the rave comments I hear from everyone. The culture applauds “dying with dignity ” maybe they should extend this practice to Star Wars because the series is beyond dead.


  2. I often feel the same way about Star Trek. The movies keep rehashing old ground. Sometimes with better craftsmanship or better special effects, in some cases even better acting, but it is still same old ground.


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