Judging Certain Lifestyles

Part of my motivation in writing this article is to remind myself of its lesson. What I’m going to explain is something I myself often forget.

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, bugs gotta crawl.

I admit that I am a judgmental person. Objectively speaking, I don’t think my being judgmental is justified (most of the time). In the moment, I usually think it is, but when I stop to think about it, I realize it’s not. I judge individual people, and I judge groups of people.

One such group of people I am highly judgmental toward is models. Particularly, models with millions of followers on social media. Whenever I see those people, I think to myself, “You’re rich simply because you take your clothes off for a living?” It’s not something I’d ever want to do, but hell, if I could get rich doing virtually anything else that is so easy, I’d be tempted to do it. These people never have insightful thoughts of their own, these people never help construct buildings or help keep drinking water clean. They just … take their clothes off every day, and somehow that gets people to throw millions of dollars at them.

So, do these people deserve judgment? Objectively speaking, I don’t think they deserve it. But, this is something I have to constantly remind myself.

Even internet models have something valuable to contribute to society. They’re just eye-candy. But I imagine that a lot of people, who actually do stressful, strenuous jobs every day, appreciate being able to come home and simply look at someone who takes their mind off their difficult lives. If people didn’t need to look at appeasing sights, nobody could make careers at being good-looking. I’m sure the fact that humans have sex drives is also a motivating factor.

Some people need to be there simply to make the rest of us happy. Because life sucks.

I’m not just talking about models in this article. This all could apply to actors as well, or artists, or many other ‘professions’. Should actors be degraded for just memorizing lines for a living, and maybe running around a green-screen-filled room once in a while? No, because people watch movies and shows for reasons as well.

There’s more to life than just building shelters and growing food. Humans require many more things, because simply surviving is not a reason to, well, survive. If life had zero entertainment, zero mystery, zero wonder…, then I wouldn’t want to live, and neither would anyone else. Movies, video games, pictures, paintings, etc…. Sure, none of those things keep us alive, but they’re a big part of the reason we choose to stay alive.

So, yes, models are important, actors are important, the existence of video games is important.

Hell, it’s a good thing I have this belief, because if I was simply judgmental with absolutely no nuance, it would be massively hypocritical because I’m a writer. What does putting words on a page help? Can you grow crops with writing, or construct buildings with writing? Well, technically yes, since writing is simply the recording of information, and information is the basis on which all of society functions…, but that’s beside the point. Writing doesn’t immediately bring about anything truly useful, except possibly entertainment. But if writing was completely useless, nobody would read. People do read though, which means reading is essential to society, even if people don’t consciously understand why they read. If you, the reader of this article, are reading this article right now, you are getting something out of it, and that right there makes it important.

My overall point is: We all have a function in life. Some people are built simply to be pretty faces and nothing else, and that is okay. Some people are built to be thinkers, and that is okay. Some people are built to just be a strong set of arms and legs for doing nothing in life but hard labor, but that is also okay. Nature wouldn’t have made us different if being different was detrimental.


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