Updates On My Books

I will start by discussing my upcoming novel, Relics:

Supporters will have access to the first chapter of Relics soon. It will be available in the Supporters Section. I may include the second chapter shortly thereafter.

If you look at the banner image for this article, you will notice the graphic makes mention of music. That is because I’ve released a collection of songs that inspired Relics. They are not songs I made, obviously. They are songs by the musical love of my life, Nightwish. You can listen to the ‘soundtrack’ here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnjwWTVx614)

While still on the subject of Relics… I am aiming to have it released this year, although this is unlikely. Recently, I gave up on giving release dates, so it’s uncertain when Relics will be out. It is the turning point for the series, which means I will likely take a break from the series after it’s released to focus on other stories.

I had an idea for some time now that I finally decided to act upon. Since Theia is the main character of my Remnant series, and since the first two novels are from multiple perspectives, I’m going to release a volume with only Theia’s chapters. A straightforward narrative, like most people prefer. When will I publish it? Well, as soon as I can find someone who wants to portray her in the cover.

In the Supporters Section, you can read two chapters from Remnant from Ethan’s POV. These chapters were written during the first-draft days of writing the novel. They almost give away something that isn’t supposed to be known until Relics is released.


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