Calling All Self-Published Authors

I’m starting an ongoing campaign to discover and support self-published authors everywhere. I will buy copies of your book, read it, and review it. I have always intended for this site to be a site that supports artists of all kinds, and this is part of how I intend to do that.

Fiction is what I’ll read, and the genres I will read are: Drama, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure.

Unfortunately, I will not read: Non-fiction, Romance, Erotic, Religious, Fan-fiction. I will make exceptions if the premises are original and creative.

Send your book titles and summaries to If I like the sound of your book, I will buy and read it! If I love it, I will review and recommend it!


1 Comment

  1. Well. I was going to keep you in mind for when my essay collection is finished in a few months but unless the definitions have changed without me know, that counts as nonfiction. If you’re still blogging when my novel comes around, I will hit you up.


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