My Thoughts on Crowdfunding

To be honest, I think crowdfunding is the most respectable way to earn money, even more than conventional incomes like salaries or biweekly paychecks.

When you think about it, crowdfunding is a way to make sure a creator’s content stays pure and to make sure creators stay true to their donors. Even more so, it’s possibly the best motivation for a creator to not resort to ‘market checklists’ in order to earn as much money as possible.

What is a ‘market checklist’? I’ll explain.

For example, whenever Hollywood produces a movie that cost tens of millions of dollars, you know you’re going to see Hollywood’s own ‘market checklist’ in the film. You will see a joke/gag every ten minutes or less, you will see an epic battle at the end, the film will be fast-paced, the film will always be an action film, the story will most likely involve two people who want to fall in love or the main character will be searching for a loved one, etc.

These checklists are things that market research says needs to be in the product in order for the product to sell the most. It’s not just Hollywood guilty of using them, it’s pretty much anything in every billion-dollar industry. Even fast food chains research how to balance the fat, sugar, salt, and calories of their food, not for nutritional reasons, but to make the food as addictive as possible (without being illegal).

I understand full-well that not everything in the world can be crowdfunded, but if that were possible, I’d say it’s a wonderful thing. Everything would basically only have a price if you want to pay, and people only continually pay as long as they are happy. In a world where everything was crowdfunded, creations would be crafted by creativity, not a need to bank as much as possible. If people are dissatisfied, they end their donations immediately.

I would love to live entirely on crowdfunding. For my audience to support me entirely of their own free will, and I am subservient to their wishes, not to some corporate overlord. I’d rather keep my audience happy than keep quotas. We should all help make crowdfunding more popular.

If you like what I do, support me with $1 or more per month here. If you give, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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