Cover Art Contest

I thought I’d give my audience a little fun competition, if anybody is up to it.

As I announced recently, I will be releasing the first two Remnant novels as one compiled volume with a preview of the third novel, and I’m giving any artists out there an opportunity to earn some extra money. I’m offering a reward to whoever creates the best cover art for the Remnant-Resurrection anthology. You need not worry about your work being compared to the others publicly; I will only display the art of the winner.

Cover art for combined Eragon and Eldest novels.

Rules: You can make it any way you want, from a sketch, to a photograph, to a photoshopped photograph, etc. It must be your creation, and it can only have been created for this contest. Must send to by December 1, 2018.

The winner and the reward will be decided based on detail and use of color. Minimum reward is $100 (if it looks like you made it in just five minutes). Highest reward is $1,000. I will also advertise your artwork (if you have a collection/portfolio) for one month. Also, you will be reimbursed if you had to purchase the novels for this competition (in addition to the prize money).

I might select a winner long before the due date, so don’t delay if you wish to participate. If you are working on your project and would like me to wait to announce the winner until you are done, email me asking me to wait, and I will do so happily.


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