Outsourcing One of My Novels

Ever since I first conceived of the Remnant series, I always had a particular volume in mind that I would never write myself. It was a hypothetical novel, which I had actually fully outlined. This novel would explain exactly what caused the collapse of America. Its characters would be (fictional) members of the US government and military. Half the military turned against the other half, and the same happened with the government.

The reason I never plan on writing this novel myself is because its story gets gradually explained over the course of the main series. Plus, it would be very different from the main series in tone, setting, and especially characters.

So, I’m offering my fellow writers, anywhere in the world, who might interested in writing this story, an opportunity to write it. Of course, I don’t expect any inquiries, unless the Remnant series becomes highly popular, which probably won’t ever happen. Still, the offer will always remain on the table for anyone who enjoys war dramas.


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