Politics | Is Either Side Evil?

First political post in a long time. Let’s see how my audience responds…

I was raised by conservative families. My mother, my first foster home, my second foster home, and my adoptive home…, all conservative. Yet, I became a liberal starting when I was about 19 years old.

As my readers will know full-well when my upcoming book, Atheist Miracles, comes out, I was raised primarily by people who should have never been parents at all. My biological parents and adoptive parents weren’t the worst parents of all time, but were still in that ballpark. But despite that, I didn’t become a liberal because of my bad experience with them.

In fact, I’d say my morals and principles haven’t changed much from what I was told to believe growing up. Despite being raised entirely by conservatives, not one of those families gave a damn about guns. Not one of those families were racist. Not one of those families believed church and state should be merged. Not one of those families were nationalistic. Really the only thing that made them strictly conservative was their view on abortion and gay marriage, and they always voted Republican.

Despite my biological and adoptive parents’ failure to be competent parents, in a subtle way, they and the two other families indirectly taught me something: That nobody has to strictly follow the tenants of their tribe. And that’s amazing since part of being conservative is being tribal. I had the privilege of learning early on in life that it’s your principles that matter, not what those around you say.

Honestly, I think I only became a liberal because it was the most accurate ‘title’ for what my morals and principles are. Sure, some of my beliefs have actually shifted leftward, some of which include that I’m pro-choice, I don’t think sex outside of marriage is wrong, and I think there’s no reason to inhibit gays from marrying.

My best friend, in fact, who has been conservative all his life, once told me back in 2007 that, “Guns are for pussies.” I asked him a couple of months ago if he still felt the same and he said, “Yeah,” and even told me a story that reinforced this belief of his. I have always agreed. Guns really are for pussies.

So, it’s not about what you call yourself, it’s about what you live by. When you look at either the left or the right from a distance, you will see that both sides have absolutely ridiculous beliefs and behaviors.

In fact, I would go a step further and say that both sides, on a large scale, are just polar opposite versions of the exact same thing. They both have agendas, they’re both hypocritical, and there are legitimate reasons to agree and disagree with them on any given issue. For example, despite how both I and my best friend agree that guns are for pussies, we also agree that gun ownership is necessary to protect yourself …. from other people with guns. You can’t bring a knife to a gun fight, but at the same time, it’s stupid when the right wing says that we need guns in case the government becomes tyrannical, which is the equivalent of bringing a gun to a drone fight.

Reason lies in the middle. The truth lies in the middle. This is why I refuse to listen to the opinions of anyone who has radical left-wing beliefs, as well as anyone with radical right-wing beliefs. As one example: You can’t have open borders, but if you hate all immigrants no matter what, you really are a terrible person.

Neither side is inherently wrong, nor inherently evil. For the right wing, keeping the border closed is the same as keeping your house locked at night. There’s nothing wrong with that. I agree that if you allow anybody and everybody to just walk on in to your country (regardless of where you live), your culture is at high risk (probably inevitable risk) of change for the worse. However, nations should embrace diversity. Immigration is what America was built on. Liberal principles are what America was built on. That is why I am against allowing any group of people to move in to my country if they believe that beating their wives is okay, or killing anyone who doesn’t believe the same as you is okay.

See? Keeping the gates completely closed is a bad idea, and leaving them wide open is also a bad idea.


As another example: The military. Virtually all conservatives worship the military, just like they worship guns. They like to worship things. But as much as I personally hate wars, I do believe that having a strong military is necessary. If my country gets attacked, and there is an army coming to take it over, and they have genocide and tyranny planned for my country, then yeah, I think sending in our warriors to fight back would be a good thing.

Life is not black and white, so the same should apply to politics.

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  1. Agreed. The middle way is where the truth usually lies. As to worship, as in right wingers worshiping things, what I’ve gathered from living on this planet now 50 years is that most right wingers worship God and left winfers worship the Democrat party. and their proxy PR firm, the media.


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