Return To Politics?

A while ago, I decided to have this blog’s articles be strictly based on things related to art. It’s the way I still prefer, because talking about other things like philosophy and politics (especially politics) can be really depressing; not to mention, those things anger people who don’t agree with what you say. The primary reason I wanted this blog to strictly be about art was because I didn’t want to force myself to think about things that anger or depress myself just to write an article. However, lately, I’ve noticed some things:

1st: After the most recent massacre in my country, I realized that trying to ignore certain serious topics is almost as difficult as thinking about them intentionally. If I don’t speak up, I feel I’m not helping anything. Even if I’m wrong, and I certainly always can be, at the very least I can come to realize my inaccuracy by expressing my viewpoints.

2nd: I’ve failed to completely avoid certain serious topics, like politics, on this blog since the change anyway. For example, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was filled with radical-left-wing propaganda that was even too much for me, and in my review, I had to bring it up for that reason. Not to mention, it was extremely difficult to minimize my openness about the movie’s politics in my review.

Here’s what decision seems logical:

I’m welcoming back all non-art-related topics for this blog. All topics unrelated to art will be presented as usual, with one exception: If I have a political post, the title will be “Politics | [name of article]”. Politics can be highly divisive, even when you present your opinions as nothing but opinions. Each political post will also begin with a disclaimer reminding people that the opinions stated in the article are, well, opinions.

Last, but certainly not least, I might be returning to posting regularly in the near future. We shall see. Either I won’t be back on schedule until April as originally planned, or I’ll be back very soon. If you, my audience, would rather I not discuss politics, let me know in the comments. Your opinions do matter to me. Well, the reasonable ones.


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