“Relics” Trailer

I’m currently on hiatus, but I couldn’t resist doing this…

Ever notice books don’t get trailers like movies? Well, some do, but it’s hardly common. So, I got the idea of giving my upcoming novel, Relics, the third volume in my Remnant Saga, a trailer. A written trailer. This is more for fun than for advertising purposes, so enjoy. Of course, you’ll need to read the first two novels for this trailer to excite you, or make sense…


A view of the American west coast landscape. The sight of hills, trees, and wild animals. A voiceover by Theia, saying: “This is what I was meant to be. This is what you raised me to be.”

An aerial view of thousands of refugees walking and driving in the same direction.

Cut to Colonel Corwin, telling his troops and the people: “Whatever it takes, we will rebuild America, one step at a time.”

We see Ethan breaking in to a building with an armed squad behind him, and he looks disturbed as he sees bodies covering the floor. We hear Theia’s voiceover, saying: “America’s collapse was no accident.”

Cut to Theia standing in a dark room. She says, “What should I do?” We see Ethan there, sitting on a chair holding a staff. He leans forward, into a faint beam of light that illuminates half his face, which is covered in slashes and bruises. He answers Theia’s question, saying: “Whatever’s necessary.”

An ugly man, standing amid a room full of people, slams a knife into the table before him. He says, “Time to die, everyone!” followed by a cackling laugh.

Ethan and Theia stand together in the foreground, with a small army behind them. Ethan is wielding two machetes and Theia cocks an assault rifle.

Then, there is a series of different shots:

A battle involving tanks and planes taking place in a forest.

Theia stops Ethan from killing someone.

An entire town being massacred.

Theia, Ethan and others walking through the old ruins of Portland.

Ethan fighting hand-to-hand with a man who matches him in skill.

Theia approaches a woman sitting on the floor who looks up at her.

A building explodes, and it can be seen from a mile away.

Theia leading people away from danger, then she looks back and sees something horrifying…

Everything fades to black. We hear a voice-over of Ethan saying, “There is no bringing back the dead.” We see Theia looking exceptionally beautiful, lowering her head. You can see the sadness in her eyes as we hear Ethan’s voice saying: “Never lose your soul.”


December 2019


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