Atheist Miracles

I made a mistake today. Today’s article was going to talk about my Remnant series and the fact that people can be worse than anything you see in fiction. I was going to use an example from my own life, about my own blood relatives, but the example occurred too recently, and I felt it would be more appropriate to describe the incident in my upcoming book instead.

I’ll have a full-length article out next Sunday. It just wasn’t a good time to discuss recent events. In the meantime, I’ll discuss what my upcoming book is about.

It used to be called The Debate, but I’ve chosen to change the title to something more fitting: Atheist Miracles. It is the story of the past 11 years with my best friend, who has been my most loyal, supportive friend since I met him, whereas my actual family (adoptive and biological) have been huge disappointments. But there’s more. My best friend is a devout Christian, while I am a militant atheist. I’ve suffered from depression, from losing my faith to allowing my siblings’ hostile words and actions toward me get to my head. I’ve struggled with valuing my own life because life itself seems pointless without a god, and because people generally tend to be despicable.

It’s the story of me rising above all of it, becoming strengthened by the truths I’ve learned instead of being weighed down by them; dropping all of my blood relatives from my life; and embrace the good people in my life, even though they are not my blood or (sometimes) share my beliefs.

It will be released June 19, 2018. It will be available for pre-order beforehand.

Stay tuned next week for a full-length article.


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