My Greatest Inspiration (Part I)

Back in my early teen years, a very unique film came out that would ultimately inspire me to write my most treasured books. I know I talk about my Remnant series a lot here on my blog, but I’ve never talked about where it really came from. Well, now you know. Remnant‘s story/tone came from 2005’s War of the Worlds. And as I’ve revealed before, Remnant may have been my first published work, but it wasn’t the first I conceived. You can read here how a story called Arcanum was actually my first conception. It too was inspired by this movie.

Now, those who have read Remnant know there are no aliens in it whatsoever, so when I say Remnant‘s story was inspired by War of the Worlds, that’s not entirely true. It’s only true in the sense that: 1), It’s about a father and his daughter; 2), You can’t predict where the story’s going until it gets there; 3), It’s post-apocalyptic; 4), It’s about the characters more than it’s about the greater situation they find themselves in; 5), It’s dark and emotional in tone; and 6), It depicts the unpleasant aspects of humanity when people are pushed to desperation.

On the other hand, Arcanum, which has no connection to Remnant and will be released in December 2021, originally did have aliens in it. (Emphasis on the word ‘originally.’) I omitted that from the story many years ago when I thought of a more fitting antagonist than aliens. All of the things that I listed in the previous paragraph about Remnant are also going to be part of the makeup of Arcanum‘s story, except #1 and #4.

This movie is one of my favorites. Its use of extended shots is phenomenal, I love its unique coloration, and I appreciate that it takes risks. What kind of risks? Well, this movie came out less than 4 years after the September 11th terrorist attacks, and yet it features a heavily-depicted plane crash. It shows copious amounts of blood, and even people being covered in ‘human dust.’

Honestly, I only have 2 issues with the movie. The basement sequence lasts far too long and wasn’t as interesting as it could have been in the first place. Also, Robbie surviving after running into that field right as it erupts in giant fireballs was just absurd. Otherwise, a near-perfect movie, in my opinion. People take issue with how the aliens die. Honestly, this didn’t really bother me. Even life on Earth, which literally came from the Earth, can die from microorganisms in large numbers, from plagues and epidemics. So, even if the aliens were prepared for bacteria and viruses, they still could have been wiped out by them because microorganisms evolve rapidly, and evolve every single day. This is why we need flu shots every year, and even then, the flu still kills many people every year.

This article is only Part I. I will release Part II next, and that will be a thorough analysis of the film, scene by scene. It’s inspired so much of my art, so I feel it deserves that much.


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