Fictional Universes

What do I think of cinematic universes? I think they’re ruining movies. Don’t just take my word for it, the statistics show that Hollywood is actually slowly dying. And it’s probably because originality has already died in Hollywood.

Every studio now thinks their even somewhat-popular franchises need to have spin-offs, and that they need to release said spin-offs as often as possible. This ruins movies because not only does it degrade the quality and consistency of the stories being told, but it also just makes every movie nothing but a setup for the sequel/spin-off.

It’s all to appease fan bases, because they’re pretty much the only ones who will see these movies ad nauseam. But when fan bases are the only ones seeing your movies, they’re not seeing the others. Despite more movies being produced each year than ever before, and there’s a greater population, ticket sales are the lowest they’ve been since the mid-1990s.

Now, this doesn’t mean I disagree with the idea of fictional universes in general. After all, fictional universes have existed since the invention of fiction itself. Beowulf and The Odyssey, which are some of the oldest stories in existence, take place in their own settings, characters, timelines, and with their own rules for how their ‘universe’ operates (like magic or lack thereof).

So, these have always existed, they’ve just never been milked to this degree before. Honestly, I don’t even have an issue with the fact that Disney does this with the Marvel movies. It’s the way comic books have always operated, so it makes sense that their movie counterparts also do this. And with the Marvel movies, it kind of needs to happen. I mean, imagine if we only got The Avengers, without any of the characters getting developed beforehand. It improves the bigger movies when we have smaller ones to develop the characters. The problem now is that we are more than aware of who these characters are and what they stand for, and the spin-offs are still coming in droves. It’s outlived its purpose.

I am establishing my own fictional universe, with my Remnant books. This is not because that’s the trend of the times, it’s actually because there are more stories I have in mind than just the main 7 novels. I’ve announced in my News section that I will be starting an episodic series called Matriarchs, which will develop on the powerful Matriarch crime family network that you see in my Remnant novels. Readers will be able to see their back story. I’m writing this, and others in the future, because I honestly find those stories interesting and think my audience will find them interesting too.

Hollywood can rely on just a tiny few franchises to keep their dying industry afloat, because they’re overdoing their fictional universes. But, generally speaking, I think fictional universes are interesting, but they must be done correctly. I hope you all look forward to reading Matriarchs. There is no ETA for the first episode, though.

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