Infinite Minds: The Reason Writers Write

While I’ve gone on record to say that writing is not the greatest art form, it will always be my first love and favorite. Both reading and writing are for a small percentage of the human race. Notice that websites like, well, WordPress, don’t get anywhere near the same kind of traffic that sites like YouTube get. Because we now live in a world where all you have to do is sit and watch flashy, colorful images in front of your face. You can be a drooling idiot and still process videos just fine. Reading, on the other hand, doesn’t have any motion images, or sound, or music. It requires effort, and it requires imagination.

Writing is for minds too active and too vast to be contained.

I won’t say reading is strictly for thinkers, but it also generally tends to be. Whether you are scanning your eyes across a collection of text, or you’re the one putting the text there, to enjoy that or even prefer it, takes a special kind of mind.

Coming from me, I’m sure this sounds haughty, but I’d believe this even if I wasn’t a writer, and statistics support me here. Just having books in the house while you’re growing up increases your intelligence, even if you never read any of them, statistics say.

Writing gives the mind the kind of power that neither music or film ever could. You can simply erase what you’ve written and start over, leaving no trace of what was there before. And best of all, anything, literally anything, that you want to happen in your narrative can happen. Sure, your descriptions could potentially make no sense to a reader, but you can still put the information there, coherent or not.

For writers, their writing is their universe. I like to remind myself of this when I think about rewriting certain stories for my own pleasure, such as The Last Jedi. All I need to do is put some words down, and bam, that movie could either never have happened because of an asteroid falling on Disney headquarters, or the movie could have gone very differently, and nothing in the universe can contradict what you’ve written. It won’t be reality, but you can still see an alternate reality in the words you’ve put down.

My story Remnant isn’t a true story, but to everyone who has read it, it was real enough while they were engaged in the story. Same goes with every other art form, but the thing about writing is: you can create so much more with your words than you could ever put on a screen or a canvas. Here, I’ll show you:

Across the universe lies a planet that is completely identical to Earth in climate and that it carries life forms, but this planet is ten-thousand lightyears in diameter, and at its core contains a portal into another universe.

Now, is that true? Most likely not. But it doesn’t matter, because your mind made it true, to yourself, while you were reading it, and best of all, it only took me 10 seconds to write it. Think of what I could create in an entire day.

See: There’s no limit for writers. We imagine it, and it materializes. We can bring our minds into the fantasy and make it reality. Now, I’m not saying immersion or escapism is exclusive to writers. It certainly isn’t. But writers can create the most, whether it’s in quantity or in size. It’s just words on a paper (or screen), but that’s all we need.


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