What I Think of My First Novel

Announcement at the end of the article.

This year (in July) will mark the 3-year anniversary of the release of my debut novel RemnantNow that some time has passed, and I’ve released a few books since then, what are my thoughts about it?

Most creators look back at their first works with the less-than-enthusiastic attitude of, Well, everyone’s first has to be something… Honestly, I have no regrets with Remnant, even taking its flaws into account. I still like the characters, I still like the setting, I still like the plot, I still like … everything about it. My philosophy is: Why create something that you’re not going to love down the road?

I didn’t just write a novel, I wrote a story that I enjoyed and thought was good.

The most common criticism I hear aimed at the novel is that it’s too dark. Personally, I don’t think it is. There’s no rape, no gore, no cannibalism, and no torture. How dark can you make a story lacking those four things? Sure, there is a high amount of violence, but even Saturday morning cartoons can have that. Nothing featured in the novel, including the violence, is there for the sake of shock or even entertainment. I wrote a story as I think it needed to be written, period. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s not meant to be.

I don’t consider Remnant to be action or adventure. I think it’s a drama; just one that happens to have a lot of violence. It’s not about reaching a destination, it’s not about defeating a villain. It’s about the characters, and all of their personal struggles to overcome. There’s one main thing in the novel that nobody, literally nobody, has pointed out that I have always hoped someone would have noticed: Most of the main characters’ struggles are irrelevant to the fact that society has collapsed. Most of the things they are dealing with and trying to overcome all happened before the dystopian nightmare began.

If you enjoy reading complex dramas, unexpected twists, and studies on the human condition, I’d recommend this novel to you, and its sequel. I mean it honestly when I say it’s not for everyone. It’s not simple, it’s not predictable, and it’s not from a single perspective, all of which tend to annoy the average reader. Even the plot is not obvious, but it is very much there and even basic when you think about it.


The first chapter of my upcoming book, The Debate, is now on my Patreon page. Supporters who donate $5/month or more can read it now.

Also, chapters will be published (for patrons only) up until the release date.

The Debate, my partial autobiography, will be released June 19, 2018.


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