Why Nightwish Is My Favorite Band

I am dedicating my third Remnant novel, which will be called Relics, to the current and past members of Nightwish. That is how much I love their music. I will also be paying homage to them in the novel in various ways.

I’ve only briefly touched on this subject before, but I will fully elaborate here and now. I used to be someone who had a new favorite song every other day, and a new favorite band every month. There is a reason this changed when Nightwish became part of my life.

Truth is, I didn’t like Nightwish when I first heard them. The songs of theirs I was first introduced to were Wish I Had An Angel and Over the Hills and Far Away; neither of which I thought were impressive. Nightwish sounded like, well, how most people I show them to feel. I felt they were too loud, too operatic, and too fantasy-oriented. This changed when my high school teacher asked me if I had heard of them, I said yes but didn’t like them, and he said to try out their real songs. So, he gave me a DVD containing his entire Nightwish collection. Before I went home that day, he gave me a short list of songs to listen to first. On this list included: “10th Man Down” and, “Sahara.”

Hm. These songs aren’t fantastical OR over-the-top, I thought. Sure, they were heavy and operatic, but for the first time in my life, neither of those things bothered me. Now, if you’re reading this article expecting me to perfectly explain why my brain appreciates Nightwish music so much (as if people can explain simple taste), you’ll be disappointed. I’m sure the most real reason comes down to how the sound waves affect my brain chemistry. Seriously. I mean, I think Adele is a great artist, but I never listen to her music leisurely. Sometimes you can appreciate something but it just doesn’t quite pleasure your senses the same way. Nightwish music is simply very pleasing to listen to. I can explain what I love about them, but nothing quite more than that. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I love their lyrics. Sometimes they produce love songs with lyrics like, “I wish for this nighttime to last for a lifetime. The darkness around me, shores of a solar sea.” Sometimes their songs make you think, with lyrics like, “Do I love you, or the thought of you?” Sometimes they produce bold songs with lyrics (in this example) condemning religion like, “Your only truth: Tribal poetry. Witchcraft filling your void. Lust for fantasy. Male necrocrasy. Every child worthy of a better tale.” And then there are some songs, like my favorite song of all time, which I don’t know the meaning of but it doesn’t matter because the whole thing is just awesome, like The Pharaoh Sails to Orion.

I love the instrumentals. Sometimes they go slow, most of the time they’re heavy, and sometimes they change it up. They have a Native American song, a Jazz song, an Egyptian-themed song, etc.

I could talk all day about why I love Nightwish. They’re just amazing.

Here are my top 10 favorite songs:

  1. The Pharaoh Sails to Orion
  2. Beauty of the Beast
  3. Song of Myself (the first half)
  4. Sahara
  5. 10th Man Down
  6. The Poet and the Pendulum
  7. Come Cover Me
  8. Stargazers
  9. Yours Is An Empty Hope
  10. Master Passion Greed

I wanted to list my top 30, but I forced myself to keep it brief.


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