The Different Kinds of Falling In Love

This will be a strange one…. Bear with me.

When we think of falling in love, what’s the first thing that most often comes to mind? Two lovers living happily ever after, right? Well, that’s not the only definition of ‘falling in love.’

We can fall in love with a work of art, a job, or even a car. For this article, I’ll be using an example that’s true to me, and that is: Nightwish, my favorite band.

Here’s how I define falling in love, overall:

Loving something above all the others of its kind, until the day you die. Something you make part of your very soul.

I have loved the music of Nightwish since the year 2007, when my high school teacher Chad gave me a DVD filled with his entire collection of Nightwish songs. The strange thing is, Nightwish is considered symphonic metal. Basically that means opera vocals with metal instrumentals. I don’t like either of those genres. Opera is annoying, and metal is over-the-top. Yet, when my teacher first showed me this band, and I heard how beautifully they blend these two genres I have no liking for, I almost immediately fell in love. They have been my favorite band for over 10 years now.

And similar to the typical sense of falling in love, most people see what I have with Nightwish and don’t understand it. Maybe even some people wish they had the same thing but with their own favorite band/artist. Maybe those people are too picky or just haven’t found the right one yet. Good, I say. More for me. In a way, I’d actually rather people not love Nightwish as much as I do, because that makes it feel more like it’s my own thing.

Also like the typical sense of falling in love, you see things that nobody else sees. For example, I would not classify Nightwish music as symphonic metal. I’d classify it as “they do their own thing.” Certainly, they can do symphonic metal, but that’s not the full extent of their talents. They do slow songs, they do folky songs. They even have a jazz song, a 70’s-style rock song, and an Egyptian-themed song. Their lyrical themes range from mythology to religion to …. Disney movies. No joke. But from the outside, all people see is a Goth metal band, which is just short-sighting it too much.

I consider other bands/artists to be in my friend zone, but my heart belongs to Nightwish. I’ll spend time with other songs, but the one who gets the most attention, by far, is Nightwish. They’ve been with me through many different phases and major events of my life, and they never left (duh), nor did I ever ‘leave’ them.

No matter what kind of love you’re talking about, or what you put that kind of love towards, it’s always that much more fulfilling to give your heart to things. With people, it’s hardest, but it’s not exclusive to people. People are the only ones who can break your heart. When you find that right person or thing to give part (or maybe all) of your heart to, it gives you more ability to live life. You can’t force it; it has to find you. In all seriousness, that’s how I fell in love with my wife. In less seriousness, that’s how I ‘fell in love’ with Nightwish. I never thought, or could have even guessed, that my favorite band would be symphonic metal of all things, but that’s how it happened, and I have no regrets.


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