What Star Wars SHOULD Have Been From The Beginning

Imagine a world where Disney actually cared about the story of Star Wars more than money. Honestly, and personally, I wouldn’t mind if there were spin-offs galore. Make all the spin-offs you want. It’s a vast universe with countless worlds and characters. It would almost be a shame not to make dozens of spin-offs. But when it came to the core films, such as the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, and then the sequel trilogy…. Imagine if those stories were given immense care, and were created as if they were destined to be priceless works of art, instead of products to make rich corporations richer.

The original trilogy (episodes 4-6) would be a story about good triumphing over evil. It’s a good way to start the franchise, and it’s a story we can all relate to and love, regardless of the kinds of lives we live.

Then, the prequel trilogy starts to make us think twice about what we think we know, about life or about ourselves. It’s a story about evil triumphing over good. How could the Empire have risen from the Old Republic? How could the Jedi, an ancient order of exceptional individuals with a strong moral compass, have allowed themselves to be corrupted and then wiped out? In the original trilogy, we saw Luke, a good man, win back the soul of his evil father. In the prequels though, we see that Luke’s father was a good person all along, but got fooled into becoming evil, for reasons we could all relate to.

So far, I’ve pretty much described episodes 1-6 as they already are, right? Well, this isn’t so much the case for what I have to say about the sequel trilogy…

We need one more trilogy, the sequels. And these movies would not take place 30 years after Return of the Jedi, they would actually take place 50 or more years later. Luke, having trained an entire generation of Jedi, is dying of old age. Nearly everyone who saw the Empire rise and/or fall is dying of old age. Thus, the galaxy would start to forget the mistakes it made that allowed the Empire to rise in the first place. Luke was a new Jedi, and his students were a new order, which made them make more mistakes after starting out. The Rebel Alliance, which defeated the Empire, is what started the New Republic, but they themselves are becoming like the Empire without realizing it. They won the war through military force, and never lost the mindset of achieving order through military force. The sequel trilogy would be a lesson in how every single generation must stand up for what’s right and never compromise their morals, because evil can never be truly defeated and is always waiting to come back and take us over.

The sequel trilogy would be about ‘the war to end all wars.’ In it, the Jedi would truly end. In this trilogy, we would learn that the Jedi actually had very dark, evil origins. We would have the ultimate lesson in that no one is completely good nor completely evil, but one thing’s for sure: the very study of the Force has been the cause of all disaster in the galaxy. The Force was never meant to be controlled, but to guide all life on its own. No being should wield so much power, light or dark. The plot of the sequel trilogy would be about a rogue Force warrior (probably Luke’s son) going about the galaxy eliminating all Force users, and destroying all texts and records of Force religions. And he or she would destroy some technology as well, such as the technology that built the Death Star. Power itself, regardless of whose hands it’s in, is the source of all evil in the galaxy; Jedi included. If it weren’t for the Jedi, after all, there wouldn’t have been any Sith to rival them.

And then that’s it. No more core movies. Spin-offs, yes, but not any more core movies. A trilogy of trilogies, as a single work of art. Basically all of life’s important lessons summarized in 9 movies.

Since I was so disappointed and angered by The Last Jedi, someday soon I’ll be writing my own version of what should have happened in the movie, as well the previous one, The Force Awakens. It’ll basically be what I just described in this post, just more elaborate. So, stay tuned. Also, I will be making a video review of The Last Jedi once it comes out on Blu-Ray, so expect that in either April or May of 2018.

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