Supporter Sundays

Every Sunday, I hope to have a segment for my audience, by my audience. Whether that is an article they have written, or (more likely) an article they have requested I write about. It will be dubbed Supporter Sunday. In a nutshell, it’s promotion for my supporters, if there’s anything they would like to have promoted.

At the moment, this blog is still in its infancy, so this plan is only feasible for when it’s much larger. Also, it’s only for Patreon supporters. Your request for articles will be considered if you donate $1 or more per month. As of right now, this blog has over a hundred followers, and growing. One day, it will be thousands. I want to give back to my audience, not just take, so that’s what this will be. Supporter Sundays will not start until there’s more growth, but I will announce it when it comes!


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