My Plan For When This Blog Grows

I try to be as consumed in all things art as much as possible, from books, to illustrations, to films. Even if there’s a type of art I can’t create, I like to be surrounded by people who can. Art is expression of the soul, and is the most beautiful thing humans produce, besides other humans. Statues, murals, ornaments, music, films, animation, books, clothing, architecture… Without art, life would be too dull to live through. We learn who people are through their art, even if we never meet them in person or even learn their name. We see their thoughts, their vision, and their soul. Sometimes, we just like to be amused.

A large part of the reason I haven’t made a thorough effort to have my books published by traditional means is because I don’t want my art to be part-someone-else, especially part-corporate-machine. If I were to ever work with a larger company, whether that is a publishing house or a film studio, either way I wouldn’t allow them to compromise the soul of my work. Besides, the public is tired of the same assembly-line, processed crap anyway, and there’s a widespread craving to bring originality back to the market, particularly when it comes to movies.

My ultimate goal with this blog is be able to regularly produce art, and to help others with theirs, regardless of the type of art. I want people to be able to make their art. But having the ability to make art isn’t cheap. It requires time, patience, inspiration, and unfortunately, money. I want this blog to assist artists with their works. I’d love to be able to promote artists, or to be able to afford to buy them equipment, etc. In the long run, I want to be able to make movies as well. I’ve started a company to do all of these things, but that’s really for all of the other ventures separate from this blog. But, at the end of the day, my goal is art for art’s sake.

This blog is in its infancy, and infants take time to grow. You, my audience, can help it grow by subscribing via email, Facebook, and/or WordPress. To be of even greater assistance, become a Patron. In the meantime, check in every morning (Pacific Time) for a new art-related article.


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