All My Planned Books (For the Next 10 Years)

Important announcement regarding my Remnant Saga.

Before I get started with this article, I’d like to thank the newcomers to this blog. I’ve been trying to post something new every day, and I can see an increase of people regularly visiting my blog now, making sure I keep to that. I will continue to do my best for you. Give me time and support, and this blog, and my greater works, will greatly improve; I promise.

I’m going to take a break from my Remnant novels, not because I’m losing interest in the story (which I’m certainly not), but because I have so many other ideas for books planned that I don’t want to take forever to publish. Sci-fi stories particularly. I’ll describe those shortly. If you want to skip to the point, you can see all of my release dates here.

As for Remnant, the world won’t see another one of those novels until the end of 2019. Volume III, Relics, is my favorite of the entire 7-part series, and I want to take my sweet time making it as close perfect as I can. I didn’t leave my audience with a cliffhanger at the end of volume II, Resurrection, so they should be okay waiting for the next entry.

In 2018, I have 2 books planned. The first book is a true story about my best friend and I. He is a devout Christian, and I’m an agnostic atheist, and yet we are still as close as brothers. I’ve already mostly finished this book, but chose to postpone until 2018 because I had learned I’m going to have a baby, and I want that to be part of the story.

The other 2018 book will be my first sci-fi, called Ice Demons, and it will be the first of a trilogy. This story will center around a group of kids who discover hundreds of bizarre, unique creatures frozen in ice, perfectly preserved. There’s a WHOLE lot more to the premise than that, but that’s all I’m going to explain for now. Now, since my daughter will be born in 2018, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to meet this deadline for Ice Demons, so it might be released in mid-2019 instead.

I have a short drama planned, and I have a name for it, but if I were to say its name, that would already give away what it’s about. That book I’m honestly not sure when I’ll be able to finish. 2019, 2020…. Who knows?

Now for the giant…

Remnant might be my first published story, but it’s not the first planned, detailed story I’ve conceived. This story is sci-fi and I conceived it 12 years ago, all the way back in 2005. Only my best friend knows the story I’m talking about. Truth is, this particular sci-fi has been nearly impossible to write because there’s so much I want to put in the story. It will be both action-packed and philosophical. While I don’t currently have every detail planned yet, without a doubt it will be a thick novel; probably my largest book ever.

The story is called Arcanum, and I can confidently predict here and now that it will be the most ambitious book I write in my lifetime. Well, I’ve finally decided to commit to writing it. My brain has pestered me for over a decade to put the story on paper. The release date for Arcanum will be December 18, 2021.

Last, but certainly not least, is the remaining Remnant volumes. In order, the names and release dates for them are: Relics (2019), Realm (2020), Refuge (2022), Requiem (2024), and Revenant (2025).

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(For the record, the cover image for this article is simply one I found on the internet that looks similar to one of the scenes in my upcoming stories. It’s not mine, nor will it be on any of my works. I’d give credit to the original artist, but I couldn’t find who it was.)


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