What Is The Greatest Art Form?

Had someone asked me this question just a few months ago, I would have said, “They are all equal.” And maybe that is objectively true, but I’ve recently formed a different, subjective opinion on it now. Let’s look at each major form individually.


I think the human race owes its existence to writing. More than the wheel, it’s the one invention that truly made us able to start forming civilizations. How? Because writing is direct recording of information. As soon as you learn something, or merely think something, you can keep it to yourself, or you can write it down. Which is more likely to last for centuries, you or something you’ve written? It’s obvious. Once humans acquire knowledge, they can pass the information on to the next generation, and now nobody ever has to discover that knowledge again. Thus, our collective knowledge continually expands, never shrinking (unless disaster strikes). Not to mention, there’s the fact that writing is the easiest, simplest art form. Stories, poetry… If you have the words, all you need is a means of imprinting those words. So, maybe writing is the greatest art form?

Illustrations (painting, drawing, etc.):

Perhaps this form is superior, since it involves actual imagery, rather than descriptions of imagery like with writing? No use of imagination required; you can actually see what the artist wants you to see. Through illustration, we can capture our imaginations in their fullest form, and the world can see it as we do.


This one is virtually the same as illustration, but it involves capturing the world in real time, visuals and sound, for various lengths of time. You can capture, or you can animate, but either way, you are essentially bringing your art to life in this form.


Pure rhythmic sound waves. With illustrations you have no sound, but with music you have no illustrations. Is this a close call to see which form is superior? But then again, what are any of the other art forms without some beautiful sounds to go with them?

I will present my subjective answer to the question of the day. I believe it is film. Now, the question is, “What kind of filmmaking? Movies or shows?” To which I will say: movies.

So, there you have it. Movies are the greatest art form, in my opinion. And I’ll give you my reasons.

Of course, like all other forms, filmmaking must be done well. The difference is: filmmaking has greater potential than the other forms, because it is a combination of all the others. They require use of every form in order to be complete. You can’t just have writing, you can’t just have visuals, and you can’t just have sounds. You need all of them, blended harmoniously. If any one of them goes wrong, it could ruin the whole piece. If every aspect is done correctly in a movie, both your eyes and ears can enjoy the art simultaneously, and to a proportionately greater degree also.

Now you know why I, in addition to writing novels, also hope to someday get involved in filmmaking. This very reason.

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