Stepping Into A New World

The cover image for this post is my current progress on creating an Earth-like planet in Photoshop. Why am I working on this? Because I’m currently trying to start a business that employs artists to simply do what they love: creating art. So far, it, well, hasn’t gotten very far.

The image above is for ‘stock images‘ that people can download and use as they please. In addition to this, I’m working with a photographer I know to release a new beautiful photograph every day, a family member is creating paintings for us to sell, and I’m also writing books as usual. We’re also offering our artistic services to anyone who needs them. (If you’re interested, check us out.)

Unfortunately, we’ve made little in return thus far. None of us are doing this for money, we’re doing this because we love art. I started doing this because I feel the world needs more genuine art, like it had in abundance hundreds of years ago.

I expected a slow start to my business, but having that intuition never compares to experiencing it. There’s a reason the phrase “you have to spend money to make money” exists. If I had thousands of dollars to spend advertising works and hiring people to create works, I’d probably be further along, but I don’t, and I don’t want to be indebted to a bank or an investor to make that happen. Really, this business is just an experiment. If our work is good enough, and we work hard enough, we’ll be successful.

But there’s something interesting I’ve noticed in the short time I’ve been doing this. I’ve noticed something that I already knew, but had hoped I wouldn’t have to experience right off the bat. What I’ve noticed is: You can never believe the people you’re in business with are their real selves, nor can you believe their words are genuine.

You’re really just hoping nobody screws you ever, intentionally or from apathy.

I’m not at all talking about the people in my own circle that I’m working with. They’re great. I’m talking about outside people I’ve had to interact with. For example, I contacted an agency to hire a model to pose for my new book Raising A Goddess and my future novel Relics. The people at that agency kept telling me how excited they are to work with me, and how lucky they are to have me select the model that I selected (which was the weirdest part), and at the end of it, how great an experience it was to work with me.

“Really?” I thought. “You guys never heard of me beforehand, so why would you be excited to have my business? You guys weren’t there when we did the photoshoot, so how can you say it was great working with me?”

The whole thing was just weird. Not to mention, when we finished the shoot, I showed them a photo or two from it, and they said, “We’d love to have a full-size copy of that one! We’ll put it on our website!” And they never did. I never even got any kind of receipt or official proof of payment after the whole deal. It’s almost as if I didn’t matter once I paid them. Imagine my shock!

None of these things are wrong, they’re just, like I said, weird. Not only weird, but fake. Too fake. Fake people annoy me, regardless of the circumstance (unless they’re acting in a play/movie). I can’t really hold these things against those people either, because in the business world, your value is 100% dependent on how much money you make someone. I just wish people at least didn’t pretend that wasn’t the case. Keep it real. Your mask is showing.

So, this world I’m slowly stepping into is certainly an interesting one. A scary one. For me, who always keeps it real and speaks my mind, it’s going to be difficult being surrounded by fake people. But I’m happy with the people who are helping me with my vision. Couldn’t ask for better.


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