WhatCulture’s “8 Moments Everyone Misunderstands About The Force Awakens”

An internet company/group/channel/whatever-the-hell called “WhatCulture” released a video called “8 Moments Everyone Misunderstands About The Force Awakens.” In it, they explain that they did some homework and found explanations to things wrong with the movie. They’re great theories, but there are some serious issues with these theories….

People tried to pull the same crap with Prometheus. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Look, I like WhatCulture. They’re one of the few more dignified pop culture commentators out there, despite their flaws. I know they released this video because views views views, but from an artistic standpoint, they shouldn’t have released this video.

Implying (not so subtly) that people would only understand if they do homework later is ridiculous. We should hold movies to a standard. Movies should make sense just by watching them. Sure, the film might be so complicated you have to watch it multiple times, but at least then we would still get the information we need FROM THE MOVIE. Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, can look at a nonsensical, illogical, poorly-written work, like Star Wars Episode VII, and come up with ways to make the plot holes make sense. They acknowledge that many plot holes were filled in by later canon novels, but guess what? Obviously those novels were written by people who had time to make nonsense look like it made sense. It’s all after the fact.

We need to hold movies to a standard. Well, those of us who care about the art of filmmaking, that is. And those of us who are fans of the work. Don’t justify the pile of garbage that was The Force Awakens, WhatCulture, because you’re only giving more justification to Disney and Hollywood in general to not even try.

The Force Awakens was a Disney-fied version of A New Hope. A movie they will never own the distribution rights to. That’s all it is, and you know it. They remade A New Hope because familiar things sell more tickets, period.


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