What It Means to Be A God(dess)

This article will be slightly more in my old style of blogging, when I had discussed personal thoughts rather than strictly art. I will be revealing something about my upcoming book in this article…

I won’t attempt to make it a secret what ‘goddess’ means in the title of my new book Raising A Goddess. The reason is not because the main character of the Remnant series is ‘Theia’ which literally translates to ‘goddess.’ The reason is not because Theia was born with powers like an actual god (which she wasn’t). The word ‘goddess’ in the upcoming book’s title is entirely because of who Theia chooses to be.

For those who have read Remnant and Resurrectionyou know that Theia has suffered a great deal and has witnessed horrible events. Yet, she remains a good person. She chose to. It’s easy to break down and give up on others, or even give up on our own spirit and our belief in good when times get hard. Some people, though, cannot give up on the world. Those people, who keep trying to be good and don’t give in to the ugliness and filth of the world, are what the title is referring to. Those are the real-life gods and goddesses of the world.

Jesus of Nazareth, whether or not someone believes the teachings of Christianity, was a shining example of what I’m talking about. Whether or not one believes Jesus’ story was true, he still has a story, and in that story, he had tremendous power, but still chose to remain a humble servant. He healed the sick, personally. He cleaned his disciples’ feet. He sacrificed his life for the world. He even forgave the people who tortured and killed him. So, while being an actual god, he was also the greatest example of what it means for people in general, regardless of where they come from, to be gods in the real world.

Serving others with your life… That’s what a true god is.

It’s not about power, it’s about being better. Not vanity, pride, or narcissism, but being actually better than most. One becomes better by choosing to be lesser. By choosing to give your life to make the world a better place, even if nobody cares about your sacrifice, and even if they hate you for it. Servitude, sacrifice, forgiveness, wisdom, patience, and above all, unconditional love. These are what make real life gods.

In mythology, as is where we get the standard definition of ‘gods’, what do gods do exactly? They rule over the world. They keep it in order. But even they, with all their powers, encountered opposition. In real life, there will always be people who truly want the world to be peaceful, and at the same time, there will always be people who only serve their own interests. A war lasting into eternity. Like the gods of mythology.

And, as you will read in my upcoming book Raising A Goddess, the character of Theia has no desire to be wealthier, more powerful, or more popular than anyone, nor does she think she is. She simply wants the world to love, not conflict. After a childhood filled with struggle and loss, she chooses to make it her life’s mission to take care of the world as best she can, and she won’t give up until she dies. She considers herself a ‘goddess’ not because her name literally translates to that, but because it’s just who she is. She was born that way. And growing up, she got help from a certain parent of hers who is a god in her eyes. Theia will never stop wanting peace and unity for the world. And to her, all life matters, regardless of a person’s race, age, gender, physical condition, or beliefs. She values all life in general, from animals to insects. She was born desiring the world to be better than it is.

She wants to be a leader, not a ruler. A servant, not a boss. To have only what she needs, nothing more. Being a god/goddess is not power, it’s a responsibility. Something you must do, because it’s your nature, and nothing could ever change that about you. One could say it’s more of a curse than a blessing. It drains you, because trying to make the world a more loving and accepting place drains one’s spirit, but it’s always worth it, because mortals would lose their way entirely if it weren’t for the gods keeping everything in order. They won’t receive any thanks, but they don’t do it for the attention, they do it because they love the world.


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