Joker Origin Movie (My Thoughts)

Hollywood gets 1, only 1, good idea every year. They already used up their 1 good idea this year with the upcoming Venom movie starring Tom Hardy. Just when you think they’ve run out of ideas, you realize you’re right, but they still have plenty of stupid ideas. Now they have an idea as ridiculous as Lord of the Flies with an entirely-female cast (which is happening, too). The Joker is getting an origin movie.


Here is what I’ve read about it:

“In August Warner Bros. announced that a film centred around the origin of the Joker, with a plot that takes place early 80s Gotham City is currently in development. Todd Phillips will direct the film, as well as co-write with Scott Silver, and co-produce with Martin Scorsese. The film will reportedly feature a younger actor portraying the character and will be separate from the DC Extended Universe and be part of a new film label by DC Comics and Warner Bros. In an interview with HeyUGuys, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy expressed hope that Joker voice actor Mark Hamill could reprise the role in the film.”

Yes, because hiring a 65-year-old to play a young guy who’s just starting his career makes total sense. Whether this will be live-action or animated, the guy retired from the character for a reason…

Hire Troy Baker, who I think portrays Joker slightly better than Mark Hamill.

You know, for a character who is known for wearing bright-colored clothes, announces his evil plans before they unfold, and loves to make a scene, Joker is still one of the most mysterious characters in all comic books. He’s more than a clown. He’s a psychologist’s wet dream. He has a particular view of the world that’s twisted, macabre, and hyper-cynical. What bent his life out of shape? What gave him this world view? What happened to him that made him find almost everything funny? Why does he view life itself as a joke?

We don’t know, and that’s the entire point!

We can guess that it’s a tragic story. Some writers have had a few swings at the character’s origin, but nothing official has ever been given, because it would ruin the entire point of the character. He’s a force of chaos and unpredictability. In nearly every story he makes any mention of his past, he states, in one way or another, that his life was aimless, meaningless, and he was a nobody, until he encountered Batman. We know The Joker as The Joker. We have never once needed to actually know his origin. Once we learn his origin, he’s no longer The Joker, he’s just some guy named Jack who had a hard time once. Who cares? There are a million characters out there with identical backstories.

Or, perhaps, Joker is just simply crazy, and there is no reason for his perceived madness. In which case, it’s literally a waste of time to learn his origin.

So, whichever way you look at it, WE DON’T NEED OR WANT TO KNOW JOKER’S ORIGIN! We love him as he is. He’s my favorite fictional character of all time. I’ve speculated at his origin, but I’ve never actually wanted his origin established.

Is he just crazy, or is he the way he is for a reason? We don’t know for sure, and that’s a huge part of the reason we love him. He’s meant to make us rethink what even qualifies as crazy.

Do us this one favor, Hollywood. You can make The Emoji Movie 2: Sad Face’s Revenge, you can make Fast and Furious 87, you can make Transformers: The Dark of the Fallen Moon Knight’s Extinct Happy Hour, and we’ll even forgive you for splitting The Hobbit into 3 bloated parts, but PLEASE don’t make even one Joker origin movie. Please.